Black Money Business Jobs : Black Excellence: 5 Black-Owned Food Brands To Look For in Your Local Grocery Store

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    Wally Amos, founder of Cookie Kahuna

    Two of the best ways to support black-owned businesses is to shop in their stores and recommend their products to others. It's not always easy though because sometimes its hard to know if a company is black-owned.

    So here are 5 food brands owned by African Americans that you can look for and purchase at your local grocery store:

    #1 - Glory Foods: Founded in 1989 in Columbus, Ohio, this company offers 85 products, including seasoned canned greens, bagged fresh greens and other vegetables and seasoned cooking bases. Glory Foods, founded by William F. “Bill” Williams and three partners, sells their products at retailers nationwide.

    #2 - Michele's Syrup: Located in South Holland, Illinois, makes maple syrup in three flavors -- Maple Crème, Honey Crème and Butter Pecan that you can even eat on ice cream. The company was founded by Michele Hoskins who started by cooking up batches of her syrup in her mother's basement. She launched her company in 1984 and has been a supplier to Denny's, Walmart, General Mills and Sara Lee.