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    12 Year-Old Launches His Own Fashion Line One Bow at a Time
    By Taki S. Raton Special to the NNPA from The Milwaukee Courier
    Published January 9, 2014


    Moziah Bridges

    Always impeccably styled in a button down, creased slacks and dress shoes, Moziah Bridges, after school pins patterns and sews stitches. As noted in a promotional descriptor, we can find his youthful fingers on a sewing machine for hours or at least until his mother tells him it’s time for bed.

    He is young, gifted and Black.

    Bridges, then a fourth grader at Rozelle Elementary School located in Downtown Memphis, started his career as a fashion designer at the age of 9 in June of 2011 with his exclusive line of Mo’s Bows.

    His creations, writes Hannah Sayle in her October 27, 2011 Memphis Flyer posting, are aimed “at playground pals and adults alike.”

    Sayle further reveals that Moziah – “Mo” for short – delivered one of his ties to Fox 13’s bow-tie wearing weatherman Joey Sulipeck who wore the gift on the air. Next, comments Sayle, he plans on sending a few of his bow ties to his pop idols Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.

    He has been a guest on the Steve Harvey show and has been featured in British GQ, in Oprah’s O’Magazine, and in Forbes.

    “Oprah is big,” said Mo as quoted in Rae Lyn Hartley’s’s August 19, 2013 article. “Nobody is bigger than ‘O’. I thought, ‘this is really cool.’ What kind of kid gets to be in an Oprah magazine?”

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