Africa : Black enterprise: Understanding Africa's Persistent Poverty

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    Hernando deSoto, a Peruvian economist, 'bottom up approach if implemented global wide in third world countries will make the the West doing business in third world countries an quite expensive and more local to the inhabitants. Cost of goods and services in the Western world will most likely be too expensive even for a clean millionaire and cause a great economic stress load.
    This bottom-up approach of Hernando deSoto is a solution not tried except here in Western countries. And we see the success of this approach. Laws and constitutions have been made around property rights. For me though I just see this as 'A' very pragmatic exceptional reasonable solution to poverty and Third world but not 'THE' solution. Black enterprise, stepping outside the media box.

    Here is some links on Hernando deSoto.
    Property, Markets, and Capitalism in the Third World
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    I think my solution is better:

    Much of Africa's problem isn't geographical, educational, or even's political/spiritual.

    The people have been disoriented by generations of colonialism and they must be re-orientated.
    By force if necessary; until the proper way is instilled into the next generation.