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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The Audacity and arrogance of the Hand Pick Negro Afrikan Americans, those that have been set up by the Media and the White Power forces, to be looked upon by the less fortunate of Black People as someone of importance and make claim to speak for them, when in pursuit of Civil expeidences, some refer to the Black Interest as Civil Rights.

    Over the ages, when a revolution was Spawned, it was energized not by the so call fortunate of the people not in want of Justice, such a Revolution Action is generated by the people that are victims of Injustice, that which serve as the Motivation to Rebel against the Social- Economic Injustice that attact the victims of Social - Economic oppression and Repression, the people always percuted from being in such low economic situation that affect their Life Living that they played no part in causing such a degrading condition for their Lives.

    Yet here come the Souped up Negro Afrikan American, they that have been chosen to make claim that they speak for all less fortunate Black People, when in fact they have no on going relationship with the people they find themselves criticizing and chastising, all for the reason to appear to be concerned about the status of the True Black People in the World, and in this case, the America United States, the Capitol of Lies and Deceit.

    For five Hundred Years in America, Black Folks have been caught in the Caste of Poverty and Injustice in America, even when America attempt to camouflage the oppressed Black People by shrouding the Lower Lower Class Black People by using the few Black People allowed to simulate a Motion of upward mobility within the Scio-Economic Structure of America class society.

    America pride itself of the fact that it operate a Economic System call Capitalism, a System designed to always have a Have-Not Class, commonly referred to as the Lower, and Lower Lower Class, the level where most Black People in America Reside, and Justice does not descend to that Socio - Economic Level.

    Yet the so call Hand Picked Negro Afrikan American self proclaimed Leaders, find Time to not eliminate the capitalist Class System, but to Criticize and Chastise those Black People residing at such a Low Economic Social Level in America, telling those Black people all kinds of Lies about how opportunities are available to them and the reason the unfortunate of Black People have not become Economic Solvent is because it is all being the Fault of the people doing the Economic Suffering, and those Negro Afrikan Americans imply that the lower Class of Black People, are at that level, at their Choosing, as if they, the so call Black Leaders, are the only Black People that appreciate Comfort for their Lives, and such Comfort is not the desire of all Black People in and out of America.

    Show me a so call Black Leader of the America System of acceptance and I will show you a Black Hypocrite lying and deceiving Traitor to the Black Race, for instance, take Jesse Jackson, the now Victim of Fate in support of the Black Lower Class, and I say that, because fate had Jesse Jackson to say Silently what he thought concerning Obama attitude toward Black Lower class People , such is what Jesse should have been saying aloud about the Trickster Obama.

    Jesse chose to offer a lying apology for telling the silent Truth about Obama, which reveal how Clannish the so call Black Leaders are against Black people of the Lower class, as if those Black people are undeserving of knowing the Truth about the American Made so call Black Leadership, they who do not give one **** about the Poverty stricken Black People in America nor in Afrika, they being the much needed poor People so that the so call Black Leadership can maintain a Hustle based upon the Injustice the Black Lower class Receive from America, in Afrika, and else where in the world, the Black Leadership wanting enjoyed condition, approved of and condoned by the so call Black Leadership White Masters, they along with the so call Black Leadership that Lie and Deceive Black People, covering up for each other so that they can continue to do their dirty work against the Black Lower class in America, in Afrika, and where ever Black folks are located stricken with poverty and Injustice in the world..

    The Black nucleus Family is no more in America, not at the fault of the father, he has become a target for death, Drugs, and Prison, and made to become an enemy to the Wife of the family, and she to him, as she be made to be elevated in the declining presence of her Husband.

    The Children being conditioned to have no respect for themselves, therefore no respect for their Parents and Elders, at no Fault of their own, they being the Target of an American system that has no Honorable Parental regard for their Children, not to mention the Black Male Child in particular.

    So, what do the Black Leaders do, they target the Black Father and the Black Man Child for criticism and Chastisement without dealing with the root cause that now have the father absent from the family which is no more, and the Child now has been put in a Suicide Mode, now having no regard for the sanity of Life, the Black Life, a Life that once wore the Energy of Divine Awareness, and you tell me all is well with Black people in America, and all that is not, is Black Folks Fault ?

    Yes, Yes, beloved, you most certainly are in need of your divine Mind, so you can See as well as Look, knowing the difference between the Two, one dealing with the Sense while the other deal with the Inner Self Mind Eye, causing looking becoming the perception of Illusion and Seeing becoming the Divine Reality of Knowing.

    So with the fault of Black so call Leadership, what make them believe they have the authority to Chastise the Lower Economic Class of Black People, never offering a solution to the problems that attack our Lives.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth !!!

    Can you Understand That, Beloved ?

    Be Kind To your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    You telling the truth Elder!!!
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    social worker

    It is painful to watch him demean the people that are adore him the most. That they believe that he WILL change thier perception. What a masterful plot this is . The message is pleasing and consistent which is black folk are lazy blah blah blah. To the melanin recessive indivduals and the members of our family that rejoice with our failure. He should be telling them that they will no longer be ignored now that family is in the office! wait a minute i was day dreaming trying to change reality! hotep
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    child care provider
    eartH (Heart) is my home
    So very

    poignant are your words Elder, they strike to the heart of the issue with leadership. Well written:bowdown::bowdown: