Black People : "Black Dot, Black Seed"

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    "All of today's human forms, African, Asian, European, Latino, Oceanic, are very recent children of their common Black African parents, the Twa people of Africa. The basic model upon which humanity is patterned is clearly an African model as proven by the abundance of archeological records that report no skeletal remains older than 500,00 years outside of Africa but multiple records of humanoid remains in Africa of over 4 million years. Thus the vast majority of humanity's time on earth, many millions of years was spent in a black African context. All humanity started in Africa and then migrated to the different corners of the globe, changing in superficial aspects as a result of the relationship of different climate-sunlight exposure conditions, vitamin D metabolism, and skin melanin. There is only one race of humanity on this planet earth, the Black Race, with many superficial shades of Black, from Black-Black to White-Black, all internally rooted in a vast sea of Blackness. Critically, the central question for all humans is how to relate to blackness, the collective unconscious, and African history"

    "Black Dot, Black Seed"
    by: Richard D. King M.D.