Brother AACOOLDRE : Black Crimes White Crimes

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    Black Crimes White Crimes
    By Andre Austin

    It’s a rarity to read or see in the print or visual media the high crimes and misdemeanors that take place in white America. However, flip the scrip to the hood for your local six o’clock jungle news. Hey I got news: All the killing in da hood don’t equal to doctors and hospitals killing people off like pigs in a slaughter house. But you don’t hear about this because hospitals advertise in the media. You may hear something about a doctor once in awhile especially if he’s black and messing up

    All the crimes virtually ignored by the media:

    1. Inside stock trading
    2. Toxic waste dumping
    3. Embezzlement
    4. Bribery
    5. Income tax evasion (fake offshore accounts)
    6. Padding expense accounts
    7. Computer fraud
    8. Money laundering
    9. Extortion
    10. Blackmail
    11. Counterfeiting
    12. Government contract manipulation
    13. Housing appraisal fraud to boost higher mortgage on the take
    14. Health care billing fraud
    15. Medical quackery (is killing thousands per year).
    16. Mom & Pop stores overcharging you a nickel or dime per transaction.
    17. Oil and gas manipulation

    So just what does your local friendly TV stations and **** paper news report on:

    Voter fraud, Bank robbery, shoplifting, food stamp fraud, B&E, car jacking, purse snatching and gunfights between gangs in da Ghetto. This vicious circle of distorting reality goes on and on with the purpose to discredit, criminalize and then disenfranchise an entire community that have no political clout. White media have for black men a reality which is far from being reciprocal of the high crimes and midemnors or meritorious acts done for the public good. We always being moralized and treated mediocre. Every now and then light shines through the media on blacks on stage in the minstrelization of sport, music and on a Hollywood set. They like to portray us as simple people singing & dancing.