Black People : Black consolidation & centralization

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    By Andre Austin

    Centralization when you are in a state of war and extermination and oppression is necessary to end aggression. Centralization can be positive or negative depending when and how it is used. Black people in American is an endangered species and we need to consolidate and centralize our struggle in politics, economics and education.

    I will give two examples of centralization & consolidation as a blueprint to fight the powers that be. One is the Revolutionary war and then the Civil War.

    The stamp act was bitterly resented by the inhabitants of America. It was the first circumstance that really taught the 13 colonies, which lay scattered along the coast from Massachusetts to Georgia, to combine in a common movement. Hitherto they had been without any formal bond of union between themselves. Legally, New York had no more to do with Virginia . each was administered as a separate unity depending immediately on the English crown. Their origins and character of their own population were very different. The puritan farmers and seamen of Massachusetts, the slave-owning planters of Virginia, the Anglo-Dutch of New York. And the Quakers of Pennsylvania had few sympathies in common. They were jealous of eachother; colony quarreled fiercely with colony.

    England adventurous 7 year war and the freemasonic money changers who ran the Bank of England had the British Empire in debt. To get out of debt the English government started taxing the 13 colonies. This oppressive taxation provided the common provocation to make the 13 colony states forget their petty local jealousies and turn fiercely to defend what they believed to be their rights.

    1 colony state against the British empire would easily get mopped up but a consolidated/Centralized 13 would give the UK a run for its money.

    The Civil War was won by the union because Lincoln centralized and consolidated all resources: human, capital and materials. The confederate states was still under the illusion of individual states right advocated by John C. Calhoun .

    International bankers wish to centralize and consolidate banking so that they can bring nations and peoples to their knees. This is the negative use of centralization. The bankers use religion, education groups, secret societies, music, media, Hollywood, intelligence groups and politicians to accomplish their world domination.

    After a war is over you decentralize and go back to individuals goals and aspirations. Black people fought in both of the above wars and still was held in slavery by black codes, Jim Crow, segregation. A cultural, political, economic, religious and drug war is perpetrated against the Black community. Its time for black America to unite together from the major cities and fight the powers that be. We need our own banks, lands and leaders independent of the white man. The whiteman was just oppressed with taxation and they united. We are being hit up from all fronts and do just the opposite. Instead of uniting we kill eachother, prey on one another and hate ourselves when we should be coming together.

    Read the Babylonian Talmud in reference to the Ham myth, the fictional Willie Lynch letter and Genesis fictional story on Ham’s homosexuality. All three are interconnected and we are following it hook line and sinker through our music, education, religious theology, politics etc, etc. Our black youth know whats going on but their understanding is incomplete. They know nothing of the Illuminati’s (centralized banks) links with the Babylonian Talmud and how they took our religion and used it against us. They know that some celebrities go through homosexual rituals not for the sex but to be blackmailed with it if they get out of line.

    Black ministers and teachers are scared to teach in full context to our black youth because they are controlled by the merchants of crime. As a result we are oppressed by:

    Pimps who put dog chains on our women and suck a dog’s penis.

    Loan sharks

    Gambling and the numbers racket

    Nude clothing in public schools

    Debt through legalized usury

    Unstable supply of food, shelter and clothing

    The new Jim Crow of the Prison industrial complex

    Lets mobilize lets unite against the forces of evil

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    Centralization can be dangerous too particularly to individuals and minorities.