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    With the recent rash of racist/white supremacist statements by white conservatives like Bennett, Barbara Bush, and the senator from Louisiana, who said words to the effect that GOD had done for public housing in one day what Louisiana had failed to do for 20 years, what are your comments and feelings regarding these people...

    Without mentioning any names, certain posters to this site habitually chastise Africans for exhibiting what they term as "racist" comments and behaviour... Those posters, however, are most absent whenever a White person exhibits what is clearly racist behavior, or makes clearly racist comments... I wonder if they realize that this sort of unbalanced behavior on their part is discrimmnatory, and actually negates, and makes quite empty, their claims that we are being racist and discrimminatory???

    In other words, I wonder why they are incapable of stepping to the fore to repudiate the comments of these White Folks when they are so quick to pillory us over their perceptions that we are racist??? Black conservatives, whether you realize it or not, your silence paints you all as empty rhetoricians of a doctrine that will do you just as much harm one day as it does they rest of us... Step up, do your duty, or forever hold your peace - please...