Black People : Black Church Will Pay Whites to Attend - $5 - $10 per hour

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Jun 11, 2001
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Moorfius said:

In a system of white "Superimacy" ware the Europians have "All" of the "Wealth, Power and mind control through the Religions they concocted and control...why would a have to be "Ignorant" "Negro" offer to "Pay-Whites" to come and sit with Africans in Amerikkka in their so-called house of white superimist "Worship" with a white "Jesus" and every thing else concerning the Euro-Biblical Myths???
If it has come to tell us at least three (3) things...1. The Negro preacher has lost the rest of his mind. 2. White folks don't want to be there in the first place unles they are paid to sit with (Africans) you. 3. And G-d, Jesus and most certinly the Creator has nothing to do with this. This if true is Evidence that there is nothing "Real" that is suppose to bring people togeather on a "Spiritual" level (in white concocted religions) but only "Illusions and Dreams" or better yet Nightmears.


Note: And in the mean time while ignorant, greedy negro preachers take money from the offering plate and offer to give it away to any white person who will come and just sit with Africans...We all see, hear and know about what these Religins are doing to each other in the so-called Mid. East...ware they are "ALL-Killing-Each-Other" in the name of What and Who Ever.

even if i was your clone i couldn't have said it any better

That Jones Boy

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May 21, 2006
10 bucks per hour dang there are real jobs that don't pay that.
Seems the guy has missed the point of what his and any religion is supposed to be about having believers fill the seats not paying people to sit there for some crazy minded desire to get muti racial.
And there are for sure a whole lot of people and palces that are more in need and more deserving of the cash than the ones who would take this fools money.

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