Black Entertainment : Black Christmas: African-American Santa Clauses Are Making Big Bucks These Days

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    The Market For Black Santa Clauses Is Booming, And Black Men Are Taking Advantage

    According to a story, black Santa Clauses are all the rage and there is LOTS of money to be made if you have the physique to be jolly ol’ St. Nick…

    The holidays can be lucrative for the many who dress up as Santa Claus each year. But there’s a budding industry in the Santa business for African-American Santas like Dee Sinclair, who is gearing up for his 14th season as Santa Claus. Sinclair said he’s been booked solid for Christmas events so far.

    “We’re in high demand,” said Sinclair, who is based in Georgia. “It’s high demand to the point where folks just don’t know how to find us.”

    Sinclair used to work as a mall Santa, but several years ago decided to create his own company “The Real Black Santa.” Now, he said he makes up to $60,000 in a holiday season. “Because it’s my company, it can be very lucrative,” said Sinclair.

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