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Jan 14, 2005
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[5] "They were labeled heretics, pagans and non believers and sentenced to death by burning at the stake. Many hundreds of thousands were tortured if they did not renounce their beliefs and convert to this so-called Christian religion during The Spanish Inquisition."

Ok, so I'm getting a little tired right now, so I will come back to this one and other statements. But again, the Spanish Inquistion marks the AD 1400s, I think and it was after the BLACK DEATH PLAGUE and a Movement went out against the remnants of the Seljuk Turks [Keraites] and other Blacks that had finally been overthrown.

So, it is called many names in our educational curriculum like THE RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT that started in Italy. The Biblical prophecy calls it 'THE GOVERNMENT [IE BEAST] that was healed with a deadly wound'. And, also the scriptures refers to 'a time period of 1000 years between the downfall of the Roman Empire [west] which was around AD 400s and the set up of the 7-HEADED government system [Book of Daniel]. The Spanish Inquistion and the Expulsion of the Original Jews was apart of this movement to 'get the Infidels out of Europe' and soon the Age of Exploration started and etc.

[6] "Why even their beloved and venerated so-called God Jehovah brought about The Great Deluge that supposedly killed off all of humanity (with the exception of a few so-called chosen people) and ordered the destruction of cities and the mass killings of its inhabitants.."

This is another at length challenge, I would like to take on, but I'm a little tired. But briefly, I would like to talk about the SCIENCE AND GENETICS of GIANTS--and its' relation to PEDOPHILIA and a Matriarchal system whereby some pre-flood civilizations were headed up by women who 'Uhhhhh' married their own sons... So there is another omitted reason behind the scriptures that are not brought out about why the Bible records 'JEHOVAH' deciding to flood the earth and stop the Y-DNA of Cain.

Cain became the ruler of 'SIN' [the sin that lieth at his door] and she married her own son...

So even though the Bible gives a detail account of Noah's wife 'his nakedness' having sex with his son/her son, Black people have been sucked into a mis-understanding of what the scriture is detailing.

Even though the scriptures make it clear that Ham realized that his father Noah realized that he was having sex, AGAIN, with his mother, and Ham ran out of the tent and got his brothers, Shem and JapHeth, and they came into the tent and covered their mother up who was caught butt naked in the act, and they BACKED NOAH'S NAKEDNESS [their mother] out of the tent, Black people are still relying of the slave masters conditioning to understand scriptures.

You don't have to believe what you read, but at least undersand what has been scripted! LOL. Canaan was the product of this mother-son sex, so says the scriptures, and Noah freaked outwhen he realized that he 'was not the baby daddy' and was going to kill his wife, but his sons ran into the tent and backed her out. Then when Noah came to, out of his drunkeness, he realized that he was also 'uncovered' and this means that Canaan was already there!

The Mayan records state that 'she' was pregnant in the ark... based on my research. So NOah flipped out and took back the land he had given Canaan as an inheritance when he realized that his wife had tricked him.

No, Ham was not cursed, as the slave teachings tell us, but the scriptures do show that Noah cursed Canaan and this is the meaning of 'a servant of servant' -- he lost his landrights. Anyway, this is a huge discussion...the Canaanites are NOT cursed in the sense that we are taught today... otherwise what was Melchizadek?

We have been spoon fed.
Chevron Dove, PEOPLE, there a specific reason why so many of us are blaming the CREATOR for the consistently maliciously EVIL behaviour of so many of the “Believers” as opposed to KNOWERS being manipulated by Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and all of the other religious monoliths?

Could ANY of the so devout Christians generally, specifically Christian scholars [including the Pope/Archbishops etc] be specific as to which of the 50 English translations [from Amharic or Ancient Hebrew into Greek, Latin and subsequently English and all of the other European languages, isn't translation STILL being a far from perfect science] are the CREATOR’s words as opposed to various human scribes; as wouldn’t even the best Jewish scholars have NO WAY of explaining why their allegedly sacred “Ten Commandments” are virtually identical to 10 of the 42 Admonitions of Maat, from Nubia/Khemet/Egypt’s Book [of the Dead] of the Coming Forth by Day, which predates the Torah/Old Testament by nearly 2 millennia?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
The term itself suggests division and a separation caused by differences in belief.
In addition, because a certain standard is set by so-called authoritative figures does not mean that it is correct and can not be challenged. That concept in itself lends to control and exploitation and yields servitude.
Exactly, but the differences in belief did NOT happen until AFTER the HEBREW ISRAELITES CIVILIZATION was overthrown. Now, I gave a break down on that. So the difference in belief are based on other non-Hebrew 'CHRISTIANS' after the OLD TESTAMENT BOOKS had long became a foundation! For this reason, it would be ridiculous for BLACK CHRISTIANS to abandoned the core Bible. That makes no sense.

As far as the STANDARD after the Hebrew civilization was overhrown and other non-Hebrews embraced the Old Testament and began to have varying standards, that would be no different than any system in our NEW AGE. How is this different from being 'in servitude' and controlle and exploited in this AMERICAN GOVERNMENT? That is the nature of all governments that have been established. So, this Christian government is no different, but I absolutely understand what you say.

This is exactly my point sister Chevron, you have been indoctrinated so it has become so much a part of you and who you are. You embrace this because it is what you were taught. If you were Chinese it would possibly be either Taoism or Buddism. If you were Arab it would be Islam. If you were Jewish it would be Judaism.
So therefore you are not able to exercise free thought or free will.
LOL! Okay, keep going, Bro. Al D. I do understand. And so, add to that that I am also 'AN AMERICAN CITIZEN' born under this system and I would not dare to break any laws that would obviously be wrong of which I understand; 'to be wrong--criminal' and not except this system to deal with me! Don't you see, that aspect? Yes, I adhere to the American constitution but I don't agree with all, but I am thankful for this government. I adhere to the Bible because it is based on PROPHETS OF AFRICAN DESCENT as I stated. And, like you said, I do challenge the Chistian system because after the HEbrews were overthrown, there are problems!
Just because A Chinese person believes in their origin does not mean they won't challenge issue of today that relate to their origins!

Just because someone from India may believe in their ancient script does not mean that they won't challenge issues today.

Just because the original Jews believe in their origins does not mean they won't challenge issues today... of which they have!...

I have been challenging Christianity, even in this thread, but I accept the original foundational script, yes I do, and that is why I mentioned BIBLE CANONS and the term SCHISM.

This is what the church as an institution of faith and other systems of learning could be doing instead of robbing the folks of their identity and money.
Oh yes, and this is what is really 'conditioning' because Christianity is not the system that is doing this today! It is easy to divert to Christianity because people are afraid to say this about America today!!! Oh yes, American makes it okay for people to shift the blame to Christianity, because that is what American used and exploited in order to set up this system, but I know that you know this too.

America is the bully on the block today, not Christianity.

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
Man I never have come across that quote from Napoleon Bonaparte but it is the truth.. Appreciate the comments man.
Okay, this speaks to my point! 'American and European CHRISTIANS' or I should say, 'so-called Christians' were not poor, but you have been 'conditioned' to believe that 'all Christians are conditioned to live a poor life' and that 'turn the other cheek' means 'don't defend yourself'! This is the essence of the Anti-Christ--to pose as a Christian and get both Black Christians and non-Chrsitans who are Black to believe this is in the Bible and that we should do this-- But we don't realize the very 'so-called White Christian' would never do this. go figure. We've all been deceived.

Again, Christianity came about after the script of the HEBREW ISRAELITES was well established and they were overthrown. Like all ancient Africans, the Hebrews became divided based on issue of WHITE SUPREMACY... and the Roman empire set up, others got ahold of their script and now today... we have a varying of interpretations...

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
there were African elites living together and hooking up with Europeans in Africa, ...
You are adding on! You are diverting from the topic of 'Black Christianity'.

Your statements about 'Europeans' and 'African elites' and 'living together' is dated to a certain time span when the term 'European' became common so, you are bringing your viewpoint that don't even go far enough back in time. White slaves and AFrica are terms that are like Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings and her white children during American slavery times--directing connected to her Black AFrican ancestor, a Black woman raped and enslaved. Don't bring up White slavery here, it won't work with me.

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
even the best Jewish scholars have NO WAY of explaining why their allegedly sacred “Ten Commandments” are virtually identical to 10 of the 42 Admonitions of Maat, from Nubia/Khemet/Egypt’s Book [of the Dead] of the Coming Forth by Day, which predates the Torah/Old Testament by nearly 2 millennia?
Love your post! But no, the ancient Jews meaning Hebrew Israelites would NOT refute what you say about MAAT, NUBIA, KHEMET, EGYPTS scripts [earliest] in that it predates the Old Testament by nearly 2000 years! I do NOT! But like the Greek translations of the ancient Hebrew script and the Septuagint and the Dead Sea Scrolls of varying translations and the Phoenician language and script and the Aramaic language and script and the Assyrian language and Syrian language and etc. even the Egyptian scripts have been debauched!!! So that is why, we need to continually address script!

That is exactly what is written ST MATTHEW Chapter 5 addresses this very issue! We need to address ancient script to confirm. It's not just the Hebrew script that have been tampered with and BLASPHEMED, but the ancient Egyptian scripts and Sumerian scripts have been tampered with as well.

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