African American History Culture : Black China.

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    According to Dr. Clyde Winters:

    The earliest civilizations in China, the Shang and the Hsia/Xia dynasty were found by Proto-Dravidians and Manding Ku****es. The founder of the Xia dynasty was King Yu, he was a member of the Yueh tribe. Yu was the regulator of the waters and the builder of canals. The totem of the Yueh people was a bird.

    His son Pa, was the founder of China's megalithic culture. Yu seems to have been a Vellalar 'lord of the flood', since the title is expressive of Yu's skill in controlling the floods and in storing water for agricultural purposes. In India the Yueh people were called Yakshas.

    The Annamite were a Mongoloid people. They lived in Southeast Asia. These mongoloids were much darker than the people who lived in China. They resemble the Mongoloid Dravidians of lndia. and Vedda of Ceylon and the Males, Santals or Oraons.

    After the Yi tribes founders of Shang, were defeated by. the modern Chinese or Hua tribes. The Ku****e tribes migrated to the Pacific seaboard and thence to the Pacific Islands. These Ku****es are called Oceanians or Melanesians by anthropologist. China.htm