Black People : Black Brewing Company: "Imported From The Soul"

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    Brothers Brewing Company
    346 Grand Avenue, 3rd Floor
    Oakland, CA 94610
    510.208.9400 – phone
    510.208.2978– fax
    [email protected]

    "..We’re proud to share with you our many accomplishments, desires, milestones and dreams. And, as the world’s first African American brewing company, we’re passionate about creating a legacy that will inspire those who dare to dream.

    Our slogan, “Imported from the Soul,” speaks volumes about the passion and commitment we bring to what we do. We’re more than just a company that makes an awesome beer, we’re setting a new standard and engaging consumers worldwide. Our appeal is uniquely international, crossing all ethnic groups, nationalities and cultures......

    Ours is a World of kinship – where discriminating connoisseurs of the worlds finest beer share a unique experience of international appeal infused with the richness of the African American mystique.

    It’s a World of firsts – where we’re proud to be the “first” African American brewing company, and honored to share the spotlight with other African American trailblazers whose vision is creating a powerful legacy for generations to come.

    It’s a World of vision – where we dare to dream and are committed to the belief that everything is possible. Obstacles are simply masked opportunities. Stumbling blocks are merely stepping stones to achievement. And detours are essentially creative paths that lead us to a more powerful destination.

    It’s a World of reverence – where we pay homage to the richness of the African American culture and the strong influence that it has throughout the world. In music, fashion, medicine, sports, technology, science, and the arts, we achieve milestones and establish trends.

    It’s a World of presence – because wherever you journey, Brothers is there. From the board room to the locker room, Brothers is there. From Wall Street to Rush Street, Brothers is there. From uptown to downtown, Brothers is there. From Martha’s Vineyard to Martha’s Soul Food Café, Brothers is there. And from our home to your home, Brothers is there..."

    Michael LeBlanc, President and CEO of Brothers Brewing Company.
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    i hope that the brothers are brewing[coffee]because if it's beer then we are still in trouble.