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    Black Book List

    The Healers by Ayi Kwei Armah
    Two thousand Seasons by Ayi Kwei Armah
    The Groundings With My Brothers -Walter Rodney
    How Europe Underdeveloped Africa- W. Rodney
    Echoes of the Old Darkland -Charles S Finch
    African origins of the Major "Western" Religions ben-Jochannan
    Africa: Mother of Western Civilization -ben-Jochannan
    Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth -John Jackson
    Man, God & Civilisation -John Jackson
    Egypt Child of Africa -Ivan Van Sertima
    Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey -Amy Jacques Garvey
    Star of Deep Beginnings -Charles Finch
    Egyptian Yoga, Philosophy of Enlightment -Muata Ashby
    Black Jacobins -CLR James
    Development Psychology of the Black Child -Amos Wilson
    Introduction to African Civilizations -John Jackson
    The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors-Dr. Frances Welsing
    All the Kings and Queens of the Bible- Leroy Carter
    The Black Presence in the Bible- Walter McCray
    Black Women in the Bible- David Adamo
    Blacks Who Died for Jesus- Mark Hyman
    Black Characters and References of the Holy Bible- F.S. Rhodes
    Men and Women of Color in the Bible- Raymond Woolsey
    The Secrets of the Great Pyramid- P.Tompkins
    The Black Elite-Richard Freeman
    Broken Pledges: The Deadly Rite of Hazing- Hank Nuwer
    Pledge Brothers- Walter Anderson
    The Legacy of Egypt- S.Glanville
    Is God a White Racist- William Jones
    The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader- John Maxwell
    An American Dilemma- Gunnar Myrdal
    The Identity Crisis in Black Theology- Cecil Wayne Cone
    The Psychopathic Racial Personality and other Essays- Bobby Wright
    Keeping Track: How Schools Structure Inequality- Jeannie Oakes
    Living with racism: the black middle class experience- J. Feagin, M. Spikes
    The Slave Trade- H. Thomas
    The problem of slavery in western culture- D. B. Davis
    The black image in the white mind- G.M. Frederickson
    Black Self-Concept: implications for education and social science
    Intellectual Warfare- Jacob Carruthers
    Long Memory: the black experience in america- Mary Berry
    Racial Oppression in America- Robert Blauner
    African Philosophy- K.C. Anyanwu
    Ethiopian Philosophy- C. Sumner
    The American Image of Africa:Myth and Reality- Felix Okoye
    Minorities in American Higher Education- Alexander Astin
    How African Was Egypt- A. Noguera
    The Origin of European Thought- Richard Onians
    History of Ancient Egypt- George Rawlinson
    Colored People and Bible History- R.A. Morrisey
    Blacks in Antiquity- Frank Snowden
    African Origin of Civilization- Cheikh Anta Diop
    The Cultural Unity of Black Africa- C.A. Diop
    Before the Mayflower- Lerone Bennett
    The Greeks- H. Kitto
    God of the Oppressed
    For my People
    Speaking the Truth- James Cone(3)
    Every Young Man’s Battle
    Sexual Chaos- John Vertefeuille
    Slavery: The African-American Psychic Trauma- Sultan Latif
    Survival Strategies for Africans in America: Anthony Browder
    African Origin of Biological Psychiatry-Richard King
    Melanin: A key to Freedom: Richard King
    Black Africa: The Economic and Cultural Basis- Cheikh Anta Diop
    The Iceman Inheritance: Prehistoric Sources of Western Man’s Racism, Sexism, and Aggression: Micheal Bradley
    The Egyptian Philosophers: Molefi Kete Asante
    Afrocentricity: The Theory of Social Change: Molefi Kete Asante
    Uncle Tom’s Cabin
    The Bible Myth: The African Origins of the Jewish People: Gary Greenberg
    The Ways of Black Folks- Lawrence Ross
    White Privilege: Peggy Mcintosh
    Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political Corruption are undermining America- Arianna Huffington
    Cracking the Corporate Code- Price Cobbs
    Breaking the Glass Ceiling- Anthony Stith
    Ways to Know you are Black in Corporate America-Deborah Watts
    Black Picket Fences: Privelege and Peril among the black middle class-Mary Patillo
    Soul-Stepping-African-American Step Shows- Elizabeth Fine
    Achievement Matters: Getting your child the best education possible-Hugh Price
    Learning outside the lines- Jonathan Mooney, David Cole
    Black Greek 101- Walter Kimbrough
    The Hidden Injuries of Class-Richard Sennett and Jonathan Cobb
    Learning to be White: Money , Race, and God in America- Thandeka
    The Wages of Whiteness-David Roediger
    The Hidden Injuries of Class: Richard Sennett and Jonathon Cobb
    Beating the Odd: Raising academically successful African American males- Freeman Hrabrowski
    The Skin We’re In: Teaching our children to be emotionally strong, socially smart, and spiritually connected-Janie Ward
    The Joy and Challenge of Raising African American children- Emma Talbot
    African Holistic Health: Laila Africa
    Nutricide: the nutritional destruction of the black race: Laila Africa
    Pyramids of Power: An African centered approach to optimal health-John Chisell
    Healing and the mind: Bill Moyers
    herbs for clearing the skin: S. Beckett
    Esoteric Anatomy: D. Baker
    Black-related diseases- R. A. Williams
    The developmental psychology of the black child- A. Wilson
    How to Fast: K. Jaffrey
    The Masters and Slaves: Gilberto Freyre
    The Missing Link: Jay Hoffman
    Understanding an afrocentric worldview: L. Myers
    Kill them before they grow: misdiagnosis of African American boys in American classrooms-michael porter
    African psychology: toward its reclamation, reascension and revitalization- W. Nobles
    The possessive investment: how white people profit from identity politics—George Lipsitz
    Assault on Diversity—Lee Corkorinos
    The falsification of African consciousness— Amos Wilson
    The first R: how children learn race and racism
    The ten things you can’t say in America- Larry elder
    Interpersonal relations between black males and black females-r. braithwaite
    Black child care: how to bring up healthy black kids in America-Comer, Pouissant
    African spirituality: on becoming ancestors- A. Ephirim-Donkor
    Childhood and cosmos: the social psychology of the black-african child- P. Erny
    The black Anglo-Saxons- Nathan Hare
    The science of melanin: dispelling the myths- T. Moore
    Black masculinity: the black male’s role in American society- R. Staples
    The ankh: African origin of elctromagnetism- N. Amen
    An African frame of reference- J. Amini
    Let the circle be unbroken: African spirituality in the diaspora- M. Ani
    The Negro- WEB Dubois
    Invisible Man- Ralph Ellison
    The Miseducation of the negro- CG Woodson
    Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization- John Jackson
    The Black Biblical Heritage- Johnnie Johnson
    The Bible and Race-T.B. Matson
    African Religions and Philosophy- John Mbiti
    100 Amazing Facts about the Negro- J.A. Rogers
    Prophesy Deliverance- Cornell West
    The Search for quality integrated education- Meyer Weinberg
    Thy Kingdom Come-Dispelling the greek myth in the black fraternal system- Shahid Allah
    A Charge- Prince Hall
    The Destruction of black civilization- Chancellor Williams
    The Origin of Race and Color- Martin Delany
    Education and Oppression in the American Context- Joseph Baldwin
    The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual- Harold Cruse
    Ancient Greece in African Political Thought- Ali Mazrui
    Kemet Afrocentricity and Knowledge- Molefi Asante
    Civilization and Barbarism- C.A. Diop
    Inferiorization and Self-Esteem- Barry Adams
    The Hebrew Heritage of Black Africa- Steven Jacobs
    Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World- Gerald Massey
    How Black is the Gospel-Tom Skinner
    God the Black Man and Truth- Ben Ammi
    The Black Messiah- Albert Cleage
    Black Men of the Nile- Ben- Jochannan Yosef
    Black Athena- Martin Bernal
    The Maroon With Us- Asa Hilliard
    Golden Age of the Moor- Ivan Van Sertima
    Two Thousand Seasons- Ayi Armah
    The Science and Politics of IQ- L. Kamin
    Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery- Na’im Akbar
    The Two Babylons- Alexander Hislop
    Racial and Ethnic Bias in Test Construction- D.R. Green
    Divine Speech- Jacob Carruthers
    The truth about black biblical hebrew israel- Ella Hughley
    What Color was Jesus?- William Mosley
    African Origin of Greek Philosophy- Innocent Onyewuenyi
    We the Black Jews-Y. Ben-Jochannan
    The Black Hebrews- C.Jenkins
    Schooling in Capitalist America- Bowles and Gintis
    Reversing Underachievement Among Gifted Black Students- Donna Ford
    Going to School: The African-American Experience- Kofi Lomotey
    The Rage of a Privileged Class- Ellis Cose
    The Black People of America- R.E. Dennis
    Leadership IQ- Emmett Murphy
    Bible Legacy of the Black Race- Joyce Andrews
    Schooling in capitalist America- Bowles
    Black Children: their roots, culture, and learning styles- J. Hale-Benson
    Protest, politics and prosperity-Black Americans in White Institutions- D.K.Newman
    The Black Woman’s Guide to Financial Independence- Cheryl Broussard
    Killing Rage: Ending Racism-bell hooks
    The Miseducation of the black child- Nathan Hare
    Body and Soul: The Black Women’s Guide to Physical Health and Emotional Well-Being- Linda Villarosa
    African Presence in Early Asia- Charles Finch
    The Valley of the Dry Bones- Rudolph Windsor
    Ladies First: Revelations from a Strong Woman- Queen Latifah
    Laughing in the Dark: From Colored girl to Woman of Color- Patrice Gaines
    Black Economics:Solutions for Economic and Community Empowerment- Jawanza Kunjufu
    KINGS The True Story of Chicago’s Policy Kings and Numbers Racketeers An Informal History by Nathan Thompson
    Race for Success: The Ten Best Business Opportunities for Blacks in America- George Fraser
    Girlfriend to Girlfriend: Everyday Wisdom and Affirmations from the Sister Circle- Julia Boyd
    God Made Me Beauty-Full: Building Self-Esteem in African American Women-Terri McFaddin
    Developing Positive Self-Images and Discipline in Black Children- Jawanza Kunjufu
    In the Black: The African-American Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children- Fran Harris
    The African-American Health Book: A prescription for improvement-Valiere Alcena
    The Habit of Surviving-Black Women’s Strategies for Life- Kesho Yvonne Scott
    Beautiful, Also, are the Souls of my Black Sisters- Jeanne Noble
    Black Women in White America- Gerda Lerner
    Raising Black Children- James Comer and Alvin Poussaint
    Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys- Jawanza Kunjufu
    The Personal Touch-Terry Williams
    Are you paid what you are worth?- Michaal Omalley
    Spirit-controlled temperament-Tim Lahaye
    Anointed for Business- Ed Silvoso
    The 5 Secrets to becoming a leader- Alan Nelson
    Black and White Styles in Conflict-Thomas Kochman
    A Mind at a Time- Mel Levine
    Building your Career- Cassandra Hayes
    Why you act the way you do- Tim Lahaye
    The Art of War- Sun Tzu
    We can’t teach what we don’t know- Gary Howard
    Behold a pale horse- William Cooper
    Conversational Magic- Les Donaldson
    Race for theory and the biophobia hypothesis- Melvin Williams
    Motivating People- Kurt Hanks
    Primal Leadership- Daniel Goleman
    The Game of Life and How to play it – Florence Shinn
    The quality and quantity of contact- Robert Moore III
    Brothers of the Academy
    Out of America: a black man confronts Africa- Keith Richburg
    Skin deep: how race and color complexion matter in the color-blind era- Jacqueline Irvine
    Black-Brown relations and stereotypes- Tatcho Mindiola
    Culturally responsive teaching- G. Gay
    Black children: their roots, culture, and learning styles- J. Hale benson
    Talkin and testifyin: the language of black Americans- G. Smitherman
    Awakening the natural genius of black children- Amos Wilson
    Black American scholars: a study of their beginnings- H. Bond
    The African personality in America- K. Kambon
    Afrocentric theory and applications- Warlfield-Coppock
    Decolonizing the mind: the politics of language in African lit.—n wa thiong’o
    Decoding European geopolitics- l. Hoskins
    The choice: issue of black survival in America- S. Yette
    Africans at the crossroads: notes for an African revolution- J. Clark
    The mind of Africa- W. Abraham
    Nationbuilding: theory and practice of African-centered education- K. Akoto
    Gifted African American male college students- Fred Bonner
    How to love a black woman- Ronn Elmore
    White women, race matters: the social construct of whiteness- Ruth Frankenberg
    Liberation psychology- D. Azibo
    Black male and female relationships: an afrocentric context- M. Asante

    Please add any books you feel should be included...

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    "Nationbuilding: theory and practice of African-centered education- K. Akoto"

    ...I can not find that book to save my life.
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    The one

    I cant find is:
    Two thousand Seasons by Ayi Kwei Armah
    Great List Bro Old Soul !


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    Why is it that the big TV celebrity Henry Louis Gates Jr & The General Editor of The Norton Anthology of African-American totally avoids any mention of all the above books?

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    Gates et al?

    This is... a rhetorical question, right?
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    some very deep and interesting books here ....Thankz brother Oldsoul

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    This is correct sir
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    The rotten Apple
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    For books that cannot be easily located, try the interlibrary loan process.