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African_Prince said:
I told you that gravity is not a physical thing, it is a physical force.
you say everything is made of energy and matter. a force is neither. time is neither. you are proven wrong. the problem is you cannot accept anything told to you by a black man as correct so you will come up with some pseudo science gobbledygook and deny that i have shown you to be logically incorrect.

Actually an Atheist is someone who does not

believe or accept the Christian God! :SuN016:
jamesfrmphilly said:
you say everything is made of energy and matter. a force is neither. time is neither. you are proven wrong.

I have not been proven wrong, why do you have such difficulty thinking rationally? Any physicist (Black, White, Red, Yellow, or Brown) will tell you that all physical objects are comprised of matter or energy and gravity and time are physical processes (that affect matter and energy). There is no existence besides physical existence, if there was (it doesn't even make sense but for the sake of conversation) we couldn't have any knowledge of the non-physical because we are physical beings in a physical universe.

Time is a physical process. You are born into the world as an infant, if you are lucky, you die as an old man or woman. You are the same organism you were when you were a month old, but time has changed your body - a physical object. The process of time is observable by our 5 physical senses, nothing non-physical could be observed by our 5 physical senses.

Gravity is a physical force and a force is anything that can cause mass to accelerate. Evolution isn't a distinct (independent) 'thing' which makes living organisms evolve, all living organisms (by themselves) evolve because this is the nature of living organisms. All objects with mass (by themselves) attract each other. Time and gravity are physical phenomenon, non-physical phenomenon (which is contradictory because a phenomenon is any occurence that is observable) could never be observed through physical means because it would be non-physical.

Are you sure there's nothing that isn't physical that's affecting you?

I am a physical being, nothing that could be physically observed can interact with the physical world - which can be physically observed. I am as certain that nothing non-physical exists (if you truly think about this, the idea that something non-physical could exist in "some way" is absurd) as I am that I'm not really a cat who is viewed as a cat by the world and has only been hallucinating my life as a human being.

[qupte] This could be just a phase you're going thru as you journey to you're higher stages of awareness. [/quote]

Why do you all think that this is a personal issue for me? I don't believe in God or anything supernatural because there is no evidence for God or anything supernatural and if you apply a very limited understanding of science with logic and common sense, you will see how improbable the supernatural is. If I found out otherwise tomorrow, I would accept that. I wasn't touched by a Catholic priest, I have no bias in there being a God/supernatural world.

Ever thought about what seems to be guiding these new beliefs you have?

Critical thinking..
African_Prince said:
I have not been proven wrong, why do you have such difficulty thinking rationally?
i am not the one with the problem, my friend. a force is not composed of matter or energy. you are logically inconsistent.
can you show me the paper that claims a force is made of matter or energy? no, you cannot.

you have been exposed.



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