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Fine1952 said:
The word Atheist, please. :weights:

Fine is still waiting....

An a-theist is someone who doesn't believe in God ("God" being a supernatural deity). Everyone is born a-theist until someone teaches them about God.

I do believe in God but I don't and probably will never have a defined label, outlook, understanding of what God is other than Everything

Everything is made of matter or energy and both matter and energy are physical properties.
The "Know SELF= Know GOD" Quandary

jamesfrmphilly said:
so, what is gravity?:1on1:

Interesting ....because we dont actually SEE gravity. We conceptualize/theorize about spatial properties through a man made model "termed" gravity. The term GOD or any other buzzword ad-infinitum can serve as a conceptual "Node" alluding to nebulous or spatial properties (interdependency) that man also shares qualitatively but not Quantitatively (If God made man in his image ...the only way for man to truly know God is to create God in his image: sort of an occams razor type deal)'s_Razor
African_Prince said:
I told you that gravity is not a physical thing, it is a physical force.

I'm gonna give this a shot in dark (I know what the answer won't be)
What kind of matter is gravity made of? If you don't know or can find the answer how can say it's what you call a 'physical force'. Can you name anyone or anywhere other than your self who has used this term. I believe someone would use the term to explain something they didn't quite understand. Like when someone believes a poltergeist moved thru them for example. Or Jesus perhaps but I don't get you as that type to believe such things. So you using that term seems odd. Are you sure there's nothing that isn't physical that's affecting you?
Conscious maybe? This could be just a phase you're going thru as you journey to you're higher stages of awareness. Ever thought about what seems to be guiding these new beliefs you have?


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