Black People : Black Art or Black sexualisation....?


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Dec 17, 2003
How does one define the real-good images, that are meant to display black-love,empowerment ect, from the erotic-soft porn-passed of as art??

jamesfrmphilly said:
this is soft core porn pretending to be art. it is quite popular these days.
that's what you get when you cut education funds.
you get people who don't know any better.
Realistically I would have to say it is both. Black art, or art in general has always been used to objectify the human anatomy and therefore human sexuality. What is more interesting is that art and how it is defined depends heavily on the observing audience.

This is not to say that Artists are not intentionally creating soft porn for a quick sell, because most of them are. I know many of them who are. I know many painters who design their work based on the mentality and consciousness of their purchasing audience or fan base. Be aware however that the majority of these buyers are not Blacks.

But Black Women, especially single career Women purchase a large majority of these paintings. We don't really need a large imagination to see how paintings like these especially can be tailored for that demographic. Personally as an Artist myself, I feel a sense of empowerment in all works of art that display the Black Male and the Black Female relating in a peaceful and loving fashion. But I am not naive towards the sexually obsessed culture we have created either.

Also in many cases we are right, this not really art at all, at least not the art we assume it to be- it's a recaptured photograph. There are many misguided so-called Artists out there too. Misguided because art is the least of their concern. It's basically a hustle passed on to them. The same way we find Artists who are photographers or videographers, not really understanding their craft at all, but have managed to get their hands on the technology were Women might take them seriously long enough for them to strip naked. It's a hustle and not really an art.

Black sex and Black sexuality will always be objectified in art, there is no way around it- so long as the lust for it exists so will the Artists who create it. It's a reality. Actually I would much rather see more Artists who create erotic artwork than photographers and videographers that use their so-called art to Pimp and prostitute Women. Because illustrators and painters don't have to use real people if their imagination is good enough, and at worse(?) they are creating an image from their imagination people will want to mimic. But that process has less collateral damage.


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