Chief Elder Osiris : Black And Despising Such A Fact

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    Black And Despising Such A Fact

    Hoteph Beloved sisters and Brothers:

    Never have I seen such a people that spend a Life Time in running away from the Truth about themselves, a people if they could, would change God design of their Anthropomorphous Phenotype, meaning that we would rearrange the Genome of our Genetic blue print to cause it to eliminate all evidence of our Black phenotype differences from the other Ethnic Groups that make up the worlds of Mankind.

    Beloved, Black folks attitude and behavior clearly express a tremendous dislike for our Blackness, so much so, even in our poverty state of Life, we spend Millions of dollars in trying to defy Nature design of us Black Folks, causing us to display an attitude of despising the fact that we are Black, yet in that same body, we pretend to love everybody with the exception of our Black selves and we wonder why it is that Black people carry the piss pot of the world, while we have not one to call our own.

    Anybody, anybody, claiming to be Black and so call Afrikan and is not doing the **** Thing that is necessary to Free Afrika and Black so call Afrikan people, serve to be an enemy to your Black selves and an enabler to those that brutalize the Sacredness of the Black Life, by preventing the Black Life from enjoying a Divine Gift only a Divine God Action could have presented to us Black Folks, and all else that make claim to the Gift of Life, meaning none of us did anything to earn such a Divine Gift, but it become Divinely respectful in showing how appreciative you are for such a Divine Gift and not since our Divine First way Ancestors, has there been such an intelligent Life, serving on a different frequency than all other Life Form, that has shown such Divine Respect to that force of Power that graced us with the Gift of Life.

    Evidence of what I say is True you want? then observe the attitude and behavior of the world today, but even more than that, observe the attitude and behavior of those Black people who is the Direct descendants from those Divine Black people of the Sun-Star, and behold the behavior of a people that despise their Blackness, so much so, until we are not motivated enough to Free ourselves from the painful fetters that now are abusing our Black Life, as we show a mental sickness every Time we yell out that we Love everybody, yet by the condition of our Black Life, it clearly show that such a yelling confession does not apply to your Black selves and it is all because Black people despise ourselves and the fact is, our condition in the world is because we are Black and ignorant of what that fact mean to us Black People.

    Everything that Black people do, should be for the Freeing of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans and if not, you Black Woman and Man, serve as evidence that you know not whom you are, so how can you Love something Divine, Truthfully, something that you know nothing about ?

    The order has come down to you from a white world, to speak not of your Blackness and to do so with Pride, you become labeled as the white man has so vivified by his action of behavior toward Black people, which is a Racist with an Unjustified prejudice behavior toward and about your Blackness, Beloved Sisters and Brothers.

    You now is ordered to keep silent about your Blackness and to speak not proudly and Truthful about it and what happen to the people that wear it, and most of us do obey such an order, only because we desire not do anything about it, even when we know by obeying such an order, it show us up to be in despise of our Blackness and it is such a show case of us by us that causeus to desire that we be pleasing to those giving the order, the oppressorsof Black people.

    The world has been conditioned to despise and repudiate anything that is Black, calling it evil and bad luch and they do refer to it, as well as describe it, as being a badge of a fool in its stupidity, and in their lying claim, they manage to conjure up nothing but disgust toward that which is Black, and those that are weak and Black in their Human Being mind, is in just as much disgust over our Blackness as the Liars that speak evil of the Holiness of Blackness, and because we Black people love evil, more so than our Black selves, such love for those that have planted lies about the Graciousness of Darkness, has given us Black people cause for us to despise our Blackness which cause us to accept such a evil and distorted assumption about things that are Black, whenever it is mention in its most False, evil, and deceiving claim, concerning the entity Black, Dark, and the Perfect Night.

    How pitiful and pathetic Black people have become and it is all because of how we are so ignorant about our Black selves and as we labor under the authority of the Human Being Mind, we do nothing to Free ourselves and as long as we are not Free, Afrika remain under the control and authority of those that have told us to despise our Black selves, as we now make Jokes about our Blackness, showing up our Ignorance about ourselves while the World along with our ignorant and pathetic selves, laugh at the ignorance of a People that was once the envy of the world.

    You are a fool, you are a big **** Fool, to believe that by degrading your Blackness, it will win you points with those you love so much, they that have a record and history of making a fool out of us, concerning our Blackness, the oppressors of Black people the world over.

    So I am here to inform you beloved, and I do not flinch from telling you what our Ancient First Way Ancestors instruct me to share with you, which is, in the Real World of Anthropomorphous Beings and with the emerging of the Human Being,( the evil of this world ) all that make up this new world of Beings, consisting of their own separate Ethnic Groups and they that do, are first to be concerned about their Ethnic World and will do any and everything necessary to promote in a positive way, and protect their own, against all foes that come and show disrespect for the Collective Whole of their Group, so everybody with a Mind, regardless of its quality, will not allow you to misrepresent the facts about whom they are, with an air of arrogance, no worthwhile Race will allow such to happen to them, while they just sit passively by, none but the so call Black Afrikan, they that despise whom we are, because we do not Know whom we be, and because of such ignorance, I invite you to run, run Black woman and Man, and fetch your Mirror, and behold the Death of a Black once Divine Nation, Oh, how pitiful and unashamed we Black Folks have become about our Ignorance.

    Let me say this to you my dear Beloved Black Sisters and Brothers, and I do not give a dodo who this may hit, but listen closely, all those that now make claim to be your leaders and is not telling you what it is we must do to Free Afrika and our Black so call Afrikan selves, as they pump you up with that lying poison of doses of the oppressors religion, telling you to take no thought for what you desire in this world, just believe that you will get all you want in the Heavenly world, they beloved are Traitors to the Black Race and is an enemy unto your Blackness, as they serve to be agents of the people that tell you that your Blackness is a Curse from God, maybe their God, but surely not the God of our Ancient First Way Black cosmic Ancestors and you beloved is a Fool for allowing such Traitorous Renegade of a so call Black leader to continue to feed you such poison while you, as an infant, sit passively eating all of that poison that they are feeding you, with each spoon full causing you to despise the Divine Truth about your Blackness and that Black Self of You.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks despise the Divine Truth and a Black Nation suffer from such a disposition about ourselves.

    If you are Black and can not bear it, then you serve to be an enemy to Black folks Freedom and Independence, and the Sovereignty needed for Afrika.

    If you are Black and can bear it, then you need to be doing all that you can to free Afrika and the Divine Mind of Black Folks every where, having a knowledge with understanding that Afrika is where we must be, in order to hear plainly the gods, our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Black Ancestors, therefore, if you are alive, Healthy, and Black, then everything we do should and must lead to Freeing Afrika and the Black Divine Mind of Black so call Afrikan People.

    Regardless, My Love For Afrika And Black People remain As So Instructed To Be, By Our Ancient First Way Ancestors, To Whom I am Forever Obedient To.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]