Chief Elder Osiris : Black Americans?

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    The Black Americans?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More where This Come from.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth and Maybe, Just Maybe somebody Black Might Hear you.

    Beloved, listen and be alert at what you hear, as I share this Divine information with you concerning the Black Americans.

    Be informed that there is a Mental difference between the Black Americans and Black people in America, they all being Descendants from our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Now, here is the Divine Truth about us Children of the middle passage, all of us did not escape from the fierce indoctrination having a lasting effect upon our mind, as applied to us, concerning the white Oppressors of Black people in America, we who are descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors.

    The Children of our Enslaved Ancestors went through intense mind changing development, an indoctrination that caused the acquisition of the oppressors Mind, which most Black people here in America by way of the middle passage, did experience mental acquirement of the oppressors mind that caused us to morph into becoming Black Americans.

    The Black Americans are those Black people who submitted to the teaching of White America oppressors, those who taught us to despise our Blackness and to disassociate spiritually with the mother Land, Afrika, and to believe what we were taught to believe, rather than to know about our Black Afrikan selves.

    We were taught that Black is inferior to white, and that the Enslaved in America, were in fact an inferior being, in comparison to White people, they who are taught to be superior over Black people.

    So, to those black people who might not know, such an indoctrination about the inferiority and superiority of those two groups, black and white, black being inferior, well it worked.

    Beloved, that is why you have today, a subdivision of the same group ethnically, one holding on to the mental ability to be aware of what and who we are, and the other dissolving to become who white people told us who we are to be, which is Black Americans with an inferior mental capability to reason negatively about the Black self.

    Now, I am taking this approach so that you can, if operating in your ascending Divine Mind, will see the difference in the Black People in America by way o the middle passage, and the Black Americans here the same way, the two use their mind differently, one not of the other.

    The Black Americans use the mind way of believing, as taught to them by Lucifer the Human Being, the White Americans, and the Black people in America, use the ascending mind of our Cosmic Divine First way ancestors, the mind that have Black people in America to know, and never forget what happen, to have Afrika as it is today, and to have the children of the middle passage to be a subdivided group, operating on two different mental levels, which are, Knowing and believing.

    Now, with that Divine Reality verified by Black people experience, concerning our presence in America, there can be a clearer view and understanding by Black people who are ascending back into the use of our Divine mind, informing us as to why it is that Black Americans are not qualified mentally to give quality liberating guidance to Black people in America, we who are here by way of the middle passage.

    So, there is no wonder why it is that the Black Americans are fanatically Religious believers, and is viciously opposed to Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Black Americans, they do not have the quality of mind that will inform and reveal to them the Divine True meaning of Reparation, and reveal the mind eating infectious virus that religion is, to the Mind of believing Black Americans.

    Black people in America, know that without a Mind that is of its own freedom to, not believe, but to Think, there can be no Divine revelation coming from a mind that is under the control of the Luciferian Human Being, they whom the Black Americans have accepted to be their master teacher, rather than Experience.

    Because you must see, it take a Divine Mind to be able to learn from experience, it being the Divine master Teacher, that which Black people in America learn from, concerning what is wise decisions to be made, concerning the present life living condition Black people in America, is now experiencing.

    The Black Americans are not mentally qualified to see what is Divinely True.

    So, they are not mentally qualified to know what is the Divine path that the lives of Black people in America must travel, in order to obtain freedom for Afrika, freedom away from America, and unity for a now divided Black Nation.

    Those who are black In America, and is free from the influence of the Luciferian Human Being Mind, will not allow Black Americans
    to have influence over them, when Black people in America are making decisions to free ourselves from the virus of Religion and from the fantasy of illusion.

    IT is the Black American that remain depended upon evil for survival, while attacking the very issue that is of a sacred meaning and representative of our Enslaved Ancestors, that issue being Reparation.

    Only a Black American has influence only over a Black American, but not Black people in America, because we now operate with a Mind that is rising back into its original method of use, which is a Divine process that require for you to know and understand the issues that apply to our lives being free, rather than believe and have faith with a ball and chain of hope, which has no affiliation to freedom for Black people in America.

    Any Black American who choose America over Reparation, religion over Divine Spirituality, is A black American without the original Divine Mind guidance.

    The Black Americans are now with a quality of mind that is lacking of Divinity, that which came with that black Body, and should now, be disrespected as being a mind that is a member of the Black Race, but is Luciferian Mind that is a traitor to that Divine cosmic Race of a

    So Beloved, Black people in America, when ever you get tired of all of the lies you are told about what your condition and status in America is, and become tired of being deceived by Black Americans,they who are not qualified to guide you Divinely, then take action to know what and who you are, and what is required of you to establish a Spiritual connection with Afrika, and why it is that you must never allow the Black Americans to influence you to disrespect our Enslaved Ancestors, by attempting to have you to join them into assassinating the sacredness of that issue, Reparation, then seek out those black people in America, they who are ascending back into the use of our divine mind, and they will share with you Divine information that will point you to the path that lead your Black life to freedom in Afrika.

    Be kind to your self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]