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    "Why have African Americans in general so willingly engaged in
    cultural surrender? I think that there are several reasons. We
    have tended to accept certain false dichotomies:

    1. We have tended to equate sophisticated technology with culture,
    believing that such technology is exclusively European and that to
    affirm African culture is to reject technology.

    2. We have tended to equate modern with technology, and to value
    modern as if it were cultural 'progress.' At the same time, we have
    seen the affirmation of African/African American culture as a matter
    of retrogression. Further, we have seen African/African American
    culture as static rather than dynamic and adaptive.

    3. We have tended to equate European culture with wealth and
    African/African American culture with poverty.

    4. We have tended to associate education with the acquisition of
    all the cultural forms of Europeans, and find it hard to conceive of
    educated persons who live the African/African American culture.

    5. We have tended to equate self-affirmation with the hatred of

    6. We have tended to equate religion with particular forms of
    European interpretations of Christianity and have not seen our own
    people as religious.

    7. Generally we have failed to study ourselves and to know our

    These are all errors. Because we have made these particular errors,
    we have been vulnerable to confused definitions of our problems in
    education. We have accepted a whole host of remedies for 'problems'
    that we have seen as originating in idividual or in isolated
    familes. We have accepted programs to improve the 'self-concept'
    of 'individuals,' to diagnose an 'individual's' learn disability, to
    put 'individuals' into a mainstream, to work with 'individual'
    adolescents about their pregnancies, to cure 'individuals' from drug
    addiction, to respond to problems created for 'individual' families
    that are 'broken.' At no point have we realized that a community or
    group may be culturally disabled because of the distortion or
    suppression of culture. And yet, any superficial study of strong
    nations and groups will reveal the degree of detailed attention and
    high level of resources that go into the study, articulation,
    dissemination, preservation, and institutionalization of cultural

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