Black People : Black America is Being Dragged Down

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    Apr 3, 2007
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    We have become so emulative of white America that we have long lost any hint of identity we had or will ever regain. The media-appointed Black leaders are drenched in propaganda and misinformation and the people have not the mind to discern what is right or even wrong. Black authors, writers, website owners and the like - actors, activist and others may have some sincerity left but it is being eaten away by emulation of whiteness. No one knows any longer how to be Black or what being Black is all about...we have been trained to act black by images we see and our children see from white media. We do not have the knowledge to disregard the stinking stereotypes that are attached to us but we think we have this and we have that...we are no better than the rappers we so love to condemn. We have been programmed to think and eat whiteness yet there are some, very few, blacks who realize that we have an enemy and that enemy is half white - meaning most are white and some are black emulating whites.

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