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    I am reading a book which was published this year entitled "Black Against Empire - the history and politics of the Black Panther Party" by Joshua Bloom and Waldo E. Martin, Jr. . I became interested in it because I see Police State terrorism escalating and I want to learn from what the BPP did right as well as what they did wrong. That knowledge might prove useful WTSHTF. For instance, one of the things that the BPP got right was their recognition that the police are armed thugs, not the good guys our handlers work so hard to program us into believing them to be:

    Angela Davis and Bobby Seale are both saying the authors' history of the original Black Panther Party is accurate so I figured this may actually be the real deal rather than the fictional tar and feathering accounts of the original Black Panther Party which is most of what is out there.

    One of the observations I have of the BPP is that it was a mistake for them to adopt a stance of Self Defense because, if you wait until the cops strike first before you engage them, the cops are going to come out on top because cops are thugs who have no reservations about killing you with their first strike as they did to Bobby Hutton and Fred Hampton and as they attempted to do when they opened fire upon people like Bobby Seale, Huey Newton, and Assata Shakur. This book enlightened me to the fact that the original name of the BPP was the BPP for Self defense, but later they dropped the 'for Self Defense' part. So, apparently they reached the same conclusion about self-defense that I have.

    What is encouraging about the BPP is that, initially, they actually were winning the war against the cops. But that was when it was legal for them to carry unconcealed weapons. My perception of police is:
    • The police force has always attracted white racist psychopaths looking for legal ways to kill non-White people.
    • All cops are not psychopaths. But the ones who are not psychopaths will still end up holding back the crowd, at gunpoint if necessary, while one of their psychopaths beats down an unarmed, prone, civilian.
    • The few who are law abiding and honorable men and women end up being attacked by their fellow officers, with extreme prejudice, Serpico-style:

    • The purpose of the Police Academy is to brainwash cadets who have weak minds and weed out those who do not.
    • Cops, most of them, are cowardly lions. They get off on acting big and bad when they grossly outgun and outnumber the people they terrorize. But, when a superior force engages the cops, they fold like one ply toilet paper: