Black People : Black Afrikans Stuck In The Quagmire Of Belief And We Self-Serious Black Afrikans Must Free Ourselves!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Black Afrikans Are Stuck In The Quagmire Of Belief And We Self-Serious Black Afrikans Must Free Ourselves!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Do you Black Afrikans know that there are those Black Afrikans who are with a serious dislike for serious Black Afrikan Nationalist with Love for Black Afrikan who Think and have no problem in revealing their Afrikanity with Love for each other and Afrika?

Listen, I am well aware that all who wear the nature of our Black pigmented design is not with respect of the Black design and them go all the way in letting the white racist world know that their choice of design is that of being the direct opposite to our organic pigmented design, so all among us Black Afrikans are not Black Afrikans in Mind, and it is the Mind that reveals who you really are as a person with physical and mental qualities.

So, when you see me appealing to the Black Afrikan Universal Family Nation and is sharing information about what we must do as a Black Afrikan Race whose Nation has been split asunder, no longer Unified, I know that all Black Afrikans are not Black Afrikans and that there are a large percentage of Black appearing Afrikans who are not Black Minded, and a not Black minded Afrikan is not with a desire to be free from America and has not the power of mind that will have you to reject racist prejudice America based on the evidence of experience we carry by being Black Afrikans in a White Racist Unjust Prejudice Luciferian Human Being World whose mental foundation is set on the foundation of a Religious belief about "who" their God is, and what is to happen to you when you no longer are with the power of Life that have you to live in the physical.

All who cry out for Black power do not give a **** about Black power and all of us who are with the Black pigment is not Black, how do you suppose that we got into the living condition we are now living in and show no discontent, no displeasure in our status in this white racist world, wasting all of our Time chasing a fantasy about a God that white racist created to influence the mind of Black Afrikans away from its Divine status and way of performing in the body of your Natural design.

All that the brand new Black Afrikans say about anything today, it is prefaced by being encapsulated in the profane of Belief and it is not wise to become with concern about what the Believing Black Afrikans have to say about the Divine Essence, God, the Universe, Intelligence associated with the physical self, we do ourselves no good when we allow the believing Black Afrikans to impose their belief upon the Black Afrikans who is without self-assurance about who we Black Organic Divine Universal Beings once were and now is being without memory of our once Divine Black Spirit of a Thinking Divine Being self, which is why I have been allowed to be in possession of Divine Information to share with the Thinking Mind of the Black Afrikans and it is the Divine Truth that brings the circle of Divinity that has been broken back together which will have the Divine Mind to return back to its Thinking quality so to be able to See Again, and Seeing is Knowing and knowing is evidence of you Thinking and when you think, you act on what you think to know about is Divinely True and Real to your Living situation, beloved!!!

So, why won't you self examine your self Black Afrikan people, don't you see just how far we have fallen from our Divine state of Being, so far, until we Think no more and believe all of the time and there is no freedom to come to a believing mind, that quality of mind belongs to that white racist prejudice lying deceiving Luciferian Human Being, which Black Afrikans of a large percentage now make claim to be, Human Beings are Devilish Satanic believing Mental ill Beings, beloved!!!

Reparation/Repatriation is not for all Black Afrikans, many of us wear the Black pigment with disgust and for Reparation/Repatriation to apply to your Black behind, then you must have no problem with fighting for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and Return Back To Afrika where the Center Of Black Afrikan Power Reside, beloved.

So yes, I know that all out of Afrika Black Afrikans are not going to return to Afrika and all who are in Afrika will not be allowed to remain when Freedom return to the Mother Land, so my appeal is to the strong proud Black Afrikan Afrika Nationalist with your Divine Mind intact, such must be, if we are going to be successful in collecting our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, and we must not allow the believing profane minded Black Afrikans to control the Narration about our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and about what the Divine Essence, God is to the determine Divine Mind that is all about Freedom to be in Afrika and that we Black Thinking Afrikans need to be in control of our made to be known, Destiny, which must be Freedom!!!

Time now is for the serious Black Afrikan Nationalist to stop jiving so much, such is not your natural modus operandi, you are to be with a serious Divine Mind that hardens tour spirit to be against the evil that Racism and unjust prejudice is used by that white racist and his surrogates committed to defying the Justice been earned by our Enslaved Ancestors.

Beloved, if we Black Afrikans do not become serious about obtaining our Freedom then nobody else is going to become serious about you to the level of showing to you respect, a self disrespectful race of people gets no respect and we Black Afrikans are in need of showing self respect with a desire to become free again and the Reparation/Repatriation being withheld from being paid to our Enslaved Ancestors, represents Black Afrikans Enslaved Ancestors and All Black Afrikans and Afrika Freedom.

That Divine Truth Demand movement into action by Black Afrikans who knows the sacredness of Freedom, Justice, and Independence, beloved!!!

Woe Is To The Black Afrikans who refuse to Demand Freedom for our Enslaved Ancestors, thus for the proud Black Afrikan Race to be living securely in Afrika.

Divine Respect


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