Black People : Black Afrikans Must Learn Again

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Black Afrikans Must Learn Again The Truth And Reality About Living!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Black Afrikans Need To Break Out Of The Religious Fantasy Syndrome, It Is Killing The Desire For Freedom In Black Afrikan People.

As Long As We Black Afrikans Allow That White Racist Prejudice Luciferian Human Being To Control The Narrative About Racism And Prejudice, Black Afrikans Are Without The Ability To Change The Direction That Our Mind Is Now Taking Black Afrikans today.

The Black Afrikans have been made to be fearful of the Divine Truth and Reality about events that constantly is affecting the way Black Afrikans behave to live, you can't be the Force for change that is needed in the way Black Afrikans are now living with a mind that elevates fantasy over Divine Truth and Reality, such a way of living can't be to the advantage of Black Afrikan people in view of how Black Afrikans are living today, expecting something and somebody other than our Black self to cause an effective change to take place in the way we now believe about God, self, and living, all fantasy and that is what have Afrika to be as it is to Black Afrikans and the status of living Black Afrikans are with today, one that has Black Afrikans with no divine self-respect living on fantasy and having no common sense about what constitute Divine Truth and Reality which Black Afrikans has been educated to ignore in place of Fantasy about Life way of living!!!

You can't fantasize your way to becoming all of that you have your mouth to reveal about all of that you indicate that you want while living, Divine Truth and Reality do not associate with such absent of Divine thought presence, we Black Afrikans now live depending on the educated values that white racist has us with the mind now guiding us and that is not the mind nature designed us with to use in order to maintain a connection to the Divine Truth and Reality that inform and reveal to Black Afrikans the natural way of living and that is to see things as they are and not as we fantasize events that happen to be, fantasy create within you a consciousness of guilt, which is very telling about the quality of mind guiding your mental performance which is being dictated by the profane mind that racist prejudice Luciferian Human Being replaced your Divine Mind with.

Experience have you to compare the past with the present, both compliment the other in the performance of Living life based on being susceptible to the Divine Truth and Reality when in performance of living-learning from the Master Teacher, Experience and experience does not fumigate lies based on fantasy which is with an objective to deceive you away from learning to know the Divine truth that breeds a conscious of peace based on the awarded knowledge of knowing what constitutes the Divine Truth and Reality about the dynamic happenings that living life is confronted with which require Divine thought to be able to innerstand such a relationship Divine Truth and Reality have with each other performance.

There can be no Afrika for the Black Afrikans, no Unified Black Afrikan Nation, no United States Of Afrika operating as a Union Government that serves to the Greater Good of Afrika and Black Afrikan people if your mind is tied to fantasy and make-believe, beloved!!!

So, Black Afrikans, if your desire is Freedom for Afrika and for the Black Afrikan being a Unified Free Nation again, then you must not allow your mind to continue to be beguilded by those who look like you out telling to you not to reveal the evil that look like you but is not you, beloved, you call that fantasizing about that which is true to have it not to be true in the mind of the devil and it is the devil that have Black Afrikans now being guided by the profane mind Lucifer has inserted in that Black body to be used by Black Afrikan people who now live with a conscious that condemn you for sharing and acknowledging the Divine Truth about who constitute to be the enemies of Afrika and Black Afrikan people and Freedom does not fratenize with the believer in fantasy replacing freedom with oppressing deceit which is confined in the mind of the believer who despise that which require for you to know and that is who your enemy is, regardless of who the enemy look like and yet experience reveal such deceit to be condemn without guilt of conscious, beloved Black Afrikan Woman And Man!!!

So, Hell Yes! Obama has eight years sitting in the seat of world power and he chose to come down on the side of that racist devilish satanic Luciferian Human Being, the King and Queen of Racist deceit about Black Afrikan people and why in the hell you Black Afrikans are not with disgust with that negro president who lead the way in denying to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation/Repatriation and many of you no thinking Afrikans praise Obama for leading in being with such a denial and to top it off that ****** as defined by white folks racism, gave the order of consent to assassinate Quadaffi, the emblem of a United States Of Afrika Government, you being a no thinking Afrikan who has no spiritual connection to Afrika and Black Afrikan people, living with a conscious that condemn not for making such anti-Afrika decisions that keep the Living condition of Black Afrikans believing in fantasy, we Black Afrikans not knowing that Freedom will only come to Afrika and Black Afrikans only when the Black Afrikans in Unity declare Freedom to be for Afrika and Black Afrikan people in Afrika!!!

It Is The Negro Afrikan Who Despise The Divine Truth And Make Unwise Comments About Such Truth you do not innerstand being Without The Mind That qualify you to do so.

Divine Respect

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