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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Black Afrikans Has No Knowledge Of Need Of Nation Building Anymore, So We Fake Being Black Afrikan Activists Today!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

America Politics act as a placebo remedy to Black Afrikan Problem Only Reparation/Repatriation Is The Natural Remedy To Black Afrikans problem in America, There Is No Salvation For Black Afrikans In America Politics, beloved.

America politics is no more than Useless Chatter that Has No Place In The Divine Mind Of Black Afrikan People serious about obtaining our Freedom from America who is indebted to our Enslaved Afrikian Ancestors for the Crime Of Chattel Slavery America committed against Afrika and The Black Afrikan Nation, A Crime We Black Afrikans Must Not Allow To Go Unpunished!!!

If You Are Not Demanding Our Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation Then You Are Not Concern About Freedom For Afrika and Black Afrikan People and if Freedom Is Not Your Goal If Black Afrikan, Then Your Presence Is Not Of The Greater Good For Afrika and Black Afrikan People And The Question Become, Why In The Hell Are Your Black Behind Here, What For, If Not For Freedom???

I will never change my viable awareness of the approach we Black Afrikans need to make in order to have Black Afrikans to become a Vibrant Black Nation Again to be in Afrika.

It does not matter how many dump loads of Divine Knowledge that is delivered and dumped in the front yard of the Black Afrikians Mind, its importance will not be realized not until Black Afrikans pick up the shovel of determination and begin to spread that Divine Knowledge over the Mindscape of your Mental activity so that the Divine Truth and Reality can begin to take root and grow with Divine innerstanding about what Black Afrikans need to do to save the Black Afrikan Nation now lying barren in the hot scorched profane mind of the ****** as defined by that white racist Luciferian Human Being.

There is where the Divine Truth is being prevented from growing in the midst of the bushes and thickets of Lies and Deception in the mental front yard of the negro who has been made to have no knowledge about the important need of rebuilding the Black Afrikan Nation with the Divine Mind of Divine Reasoning with use of Common **** Sense.

It does not matter how much of the Divine Truth that I share with Black Afrikan people if the Mind of Black Afrikan people is not cleared of all lies and deception concerning the truth about the condition of the mind now guiding Black Afrikan people there will be no upward mobility to take place in the process of using the mind Lucifer has guiding Black Afrikans today.

Ever since the Social Theorists of Lucifer hijacked the Black Power Movement in the latter part of the sixties unto the beginning of the seventies ushering into the mind of Black Afrikans the social disorder of integration/assimilation of Black Afrikans with the rank and file white folks, the Black Afrikan people increased in decline to become what you see of Black Afrikans and Afrika today, we have no desire to be a Unified Black Afrikan Nation again and is all play and no seriousness about changing the state of our living condition in the Luciferian World as the Black World has become without value without respect which has Black Afrikans ignoring the true status we now occupy in the world Lucifer now control.

Let me share this Divine Truth with the True Dedicated Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans, there is no retirement time for the Black Nationalist when the work is undone and the work of the Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans is to see to it that Afrika once again become for the Black Afrikans and that there must again be a Unified Black Afrikan Nation in Afrika and that Freedom must be our sign of victory, which mean that there can be no Freedom in Afrika without the returning of the Diaspora Black Afrikans and they having in our possession our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and if that Divine Truth of awareness is not at the top of the Black Nationalist agenda, then what in the hell is there for Black Afrikans to be in pursuit of that is beneficial in having Black Afrikans to be in Afrika being Governed by a United States Of Afrika Government!!!

So I ask You Black Afrikan people who are with a clean clear front yard of a Divine Mind, what Time Is It???

It Is Revolutionary Freedom Time For Afrika and Black Afrikan people who desire to be Free!!!

Let me see if I can share this again real slowly, in order for the change Afrika and Black Afrikans need to occur that will be advantageous to Afrika and Black Afrikans, there has to be an effort put forth to organize ourselves into a Divine Minded cadre of Black Nationalist and Pan Afrikans oriented Black Afrikans with the knowledge that there must be a change of concentration on which level of Black Afrikans that must be approached for reforming back to function as we once functioned before losing our Divine Mind and that cadre of Black Afrikans must be the rank and file Black Afrikians whose Mind can be approached without any preconditioning, such minds can be reason with showing why it is we must reject America and is to fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation so that we can return to Afrika where the potential of Freedom for Afrika and Black Afrikans reside, there in the midst of all of that Black power when organized and Thinking Divinely.

Divine Respect


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