Chief Elder Osiris : Black Afrikan Nationalism And Pan Afrikanism

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When dealing with these two theoretical phenomena you have to take into consideration that the two by design, be it of conscious idealogical pursuit or political geographical relationship the two dynamics have different objectives as it relate to Afrika and Afrikan People and in that context you can presume to have Race in Mind even when in pursuit of both goals which if implemented by each of its reference would end up amounting to be the same goal in intent and purpose for Black Afrikans and because there has been a successful colonization of the Continental Afrika by the Arab people, whenever referring to Afrika proper, I must distinguish the difference in the people that is of concern to me in Afrika by Race, because in my mind there is and always will be only one Afrika with its original inhabitants being those people with such a unique phenotype with various shade of natural Dark pigment.

    Now I must say that there are those Afrikans who in their own conscious way have set out to define and describe these two terms that are of domestic and geographical significance as they are referencing Afrika and Afrikan people, so the dynamics of Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism still flow with liquidity when they should not in my way of Thinking, because without the politics inserted into these two equations, their meaning and inference is as solid as Gold in the belly of Mother Earth.

    There have been great Black Afrikan leaders who have given their Mind thought on the two expression in attendance here, namely Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism and there are many other Black laymen Afrikans who have sought to explain and define what they believe the two terms mean to them, that is alright but these two terms are not subject to be social theorized, using a lot of empty jargons, these two terms are worthy of being given the utmost of respect and the way to do that is when discussing the dynamics of Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism you must leave your believing approach at your mind door of belief and enter the mental domain where only profound rational reasoning and logic is permitted to deal with the terminology of Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism and you can not adequately discuss these two terms without laying the predicate for your position concerning these two terms, based upon the origin of Black Afrikans Civilization on this Planet Earth, as it now is commonly known and referred to at this Time or shall I say at this Time where Change is occurring, be it for the better or for the worst, which you are to determine and not Time.

    Between the two terms, Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism, it is Black Nationalism that occupy dominance over Pan Afrikanism, because Black Nationalism is in reference to Land and in this instance the land of interest is Afrika, the land whose original inhabitants are Black Afrikans, if I may use the phrase.

    So whenever Black Afrikan Nationalism is in discussion it is automatic that the inhabitants to be focus upon are the Black Afrikans, they who once was in complete stewardship over the Afrika Continent.

    So Black Nationalism is about Afrika Land and who is to be in possession and sovereign use of it, since the density of Black Afrikan People in that land indicate who was the primary custodian of the land call Afrika, which does not require any philosophical debate or conscious deliberation about, so in my mind Black Nationalism is synonymous to the Black Afrikan Freedom, Justice, and Independence, so no, in my mind Pan Afrikanism does not trumph Black Nationalism, which represent Land Controlling possession by its indigenous people and in this case they happen to be The Black Afrikans when Afrika is the topic of concern.

    When dealing with Pan Afrikanism the very implication has a geographical implication, which is stay where you are but strive to establish a relationship with Afrika and the Afrikans, whose identity has fallen into the social political melting pot in Afrika today.

    Pan Afrikanism socially and geographically imply that the well being of the whole of Afrika is of no concern today, the Pan Afrikanism of Garvey Black Nationalism did not conflict as the Pan Afrikanism and Black Nationalism does today, there are groups who have moved to transform the two relationship and not have them to be in the same location together with a goal that would bring about Afrika and Afrikans Unity in Afrika and all one need to do is pay attention to the words and action of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, he who served as an inspiration to the great Afrikans at Home in Afrika and gave cause for them to embrace the conceived reality of what Afrika and the Afrikans really need, which is a Pan Afrikan determination and a Black Nationalist conclusion and that is why the great Pan Afrikanist, the Honorable Marcus Garvey always ended his proclamation with the Divine Claim that Afrika, not North Afrika, not subsahara Afrika but Afrika Is For The Afrikan and there is only one indigenous Afrikan in Afrika and that is the Black Afrikan.

    So yes I take offense toward those among us in the Diaspora america who make claim to be so grounded in Pan Afrikanism and Psuedo Black Nationalism and do not have any work to point to that can be boasted about as being the work that has gotten us closer to the Afrikan regaining control of Afrika and the Afrikan People now being united again, if such is not your Black Nationalist and Pan afrikan goal, then what is?

    Yes in these comtemporary Time I say that the Afrikan American Integration/ Assimilations is kicking the behind of the self proclaimed Black Nationalist and Pan Afrikanist and I challenge any so call Black Nationalist and Pan Afrikanist to prove me wrong .

    So just for clarification and proof that the Afrikan American Integrationist / Assimilationist is winning this Social economic struggle in America is the fact that the contemporary Black Nationalist and Pan Afrikanist, now want to be a part of this Time of the Obama change and also the Afrikan Integration / Assimilationist continue working to keep the true Garvey Black Nationalist Pan Afrikianist from ingraining themselves at this Time to inform Black People in America about Obama Change.

    To prove the Afrikan American integration / assimilationist has the current Black Nationalist Pan Afrikanist at a stand still in America, let us give the beginning Time for our America struggle just for sake of making a point, using the Time of the coming of Garvey and W.E.B.Dubois along with A Phillip Randolph NAACP and let us put their Philosophical and Idealogical theory concerning the Black Community Socological contract negociation with the American oppressors, along with putting the activity of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and all those who have come after him, who now is espousing Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism, claiming to be a student and have been persuaded by Garvey, allow me to use today Obama Time of Change to symbolize the finish line for the two socio-economic political strategy for Black People that started in the twenties to this Time and you tell me that the integration / assimilationist have not won the fight for integration / assimilation transformation of the so call Black Afrikan, which mean my statement is a valid one about the do nothing since Garvey left so call Black Nationalist Pan Afrikanist.

    What we have today are groups trying to redefine Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism to suit their own influenced social and political wants and any time you find Black People dealing with want, then you have founded the core of Black people problem, because it is want that wear the trinity of conscious evil, they being vain ego, envy, and jealousy, the three principles that now have Afrika under the control of anybody but the Black Afrikan and the Black Afrikan today is a disjointed Nation that claim to be totally absolved to having anything to do with the oppressors reconstructed Afrika today and you wonder why Afrika and the Black Afrikan is in the condition it now experience today?

    Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism, each serving as the principals of the rule of law that should be governing the Black Afrikan serving as the universe, with Black Nationalism serving as the Sun-Star and Pan Afrikanism serving as the scattered planets, yet is on the move to compliment and to verify the santity and Divinity of Black Nationalism by becoming one with each other.

    Pan Afrikanism is no more than a vehicle to be activated for the purpose of taking the away from home Afrikan back home and to cause the divided Afrika to become one vast Afrika Continent again, absent of false boundaries and to serve as the haven to all of those Afrikans who have been scattered away from home as well as inside of the Black Afrikan Home, as Black Afrika Nationalism become the citadel for all Black Afrikans.

    Garvey Black Nationalism And Pan Afrikanism Was About Freedom, Justice, Independence and Afrika Sovereignty, It Is About Afrikans Preparedness for Transition and Not Afrikan Community Away From Afrika Sustainability.

    Pan Afrikanism and Black Nationalism is about a move to return to Afrika and Control of Afrika and Afrikans Society, that is why the Honorable Marcus Garvey stated that a Race Without Power And Authorithy Is A Race Without Respect and the Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism the present day Black so call Afrikan American is in pursuit of today, secure and sustain the disrespect Black Folks now receive in America and every where else we are, even now in Afrika.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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