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Sep 27, 2005
I continue to derive a much better understanding about biblical lies from:

The Africans Who Wrote The Bible by Nana Banchie (Alex) Darkwah. The information in this book (eg. written by a true King from Ghana) is very plausible.


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Jan 14, 2005
London in the United Kingdom
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Tnx brodas. Here in the dusty streets of South Afrika I am also trying to reach brothas and sisters about the truth of a black person outside but deeply pure. YHWH be with you all.

Wouldn't you agree that the TRUTH is that we peoples of African ethnicity in the UK, USA, the rest of the Diaspora and Africa are all frontline soldiers in a War that has NEVER EVER been openly declared then or now by THESE despicably cowardly Semetic/White PARASITES, just very very efficiently waged/they JUST DO IT?

Nubia/Khemet/Egypt’s Nubian Pharaoh’s battled and resisted the Semitic hordes for millennia but from the moment Alexander the Macedonian peasant overran Khemet we've been losing this so despicably cowardly but still undeclared WAR on Africa/Africans, with the situation becoming a rout when Augustus [Julius Caesar's nephew, heir and history's greatest VANDAL] deliberately destroyed Khemet's most spectacular Pyramid at Abu Rawash, which you've never heard of, have YOU?

This so deliberate piece of cultural vandalism was done to DELETE DJEDEFRAH from history as this African Pharaoh is now acknowledged as the builder of the Sphinx which honours his father Khufu [who built the Great Pyramid at Giza]; and as exemplified by the murderous carnage in Darfur and the Congo TODAY and the inane stupidity of the way those CLOWNS Goodluck and Zuma and co sanctioned/allowed Africa’s greatest ever Arab benefactor Muamar Gaddafi and his regime to be slaughtered by NATO in 2011, we're still in BIG trouble/losing this WAR, aren't WE?

Wishing this WAR away hasn't worked for the African collective in the USA, the rest of the Diaspora and Africa for the last 500 years because Slavery and Colonialism didn't so much end as evolve into the current reality of White/European socio-economic domination in every area of human activity so why are WE expecting the chaos in our communities and countries to improve in the near future?

Wouldn't you concede that in a World dominated by intelligently led collectives any group not organized with comparable intelligence is a "Victim in Waiting" who wont have to wait long; and as highlighted by the GRIEF in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan which will be extended as soon as possible to Iran [as the POWER ELITE intend to continually export the CHAOS/MURDER MACHINE which has so efficiently bled the Congo for over 50 years now to other resource rich regions]; even when you do there is no guarantee you wont be BULLIED [especially if you're in possession and total control of massive mineral wealth]?

Why didn't the USA and the West punish China's annexation of Tibet in the 60's like they did Sadamm's of Kuwait? The answer is simple isn’t it, they cannot bully an industrialized nuclear armed country with a 3 million man army that could be boosted by conscripts to 10 million with minimal effort?

Even more bizarre is our acceptance as people of African ethnicity of the current status quo or are you truly unaware of the fact that ALL over the World including Africa Europeans still LEGALLY own allegedly; all the land and resources they acquired during the looting, pillaging, RAPE of this planet in general, of OUR continent in particular that Colonialism and Apartheid sanctioned as the norm as opposed to the longest list of unacknowledged unpunished Human Rights violations/CRIMES in human history?

Isn't ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?


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Nov 14, 2012
Cleveland, Ohio
Wow, i had forgotten about this thread....

Wow, this thread got my head spinning. And if it was any longer I would still be reading. I want to know so much more but I feel I need to read many of the books mentioned here. I went to a couple bookstores with no luck, so I guess I will have to order books online as soon as I am able.

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