Black People : Black Adam: the end of the white guy?

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Seneb, Mar 26, 2008.

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    so some white folks know that it's nealy over for them....check out black adam myspace,a little bit funny and pathetic at the same
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    They've (white people) been talking about it for years and years. One white male wrote a book called the "Death of the West". North is North, South is South, Up is Up...How are you gonna have the death of up? So he wasn't talking about a direction. You can't have the death of a direction. So he was talking about something else.

    Generally we use terms like "western civilization" which refers to white people. Even in this case. Our problem has been, and still is to some degree, that we don't know how to talk about "the problem" in a manner that helps to solve "the problem". Our major problem is being subject to the worldwide SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy). We have not even had the language to describe "the problem" so that even we are able to connect the dots from who is mistreating us on the basis of color to how it effects us to what specific things we can say and/or do to replace the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) with a SYSTEM of justice.

    ...not any more...