Black People : Black Activists Clash In Atlanta ... Malik Zulu Shabazz ordered NBPP to remove Dhoruba Bin Wahad

we never raised our hands against one another we were busy fighting the pigs.
Not exactly true. Remember Bunchy Carter and John Huggins.

For the record, this not the first incident involving brother Kalonji in ATL.

The Elder was wrong for causing the disruption at a public program. It doesn't justify a beat down.
Thank you Brother James.

I have read a bit about the NBPP and all of the reviews are not good.

But all of the reviews of any organization is not good.

I'm thinking there are obviously folk who think they are a valid black activist group and have membership within.

I wonder if anyone at destee would vouch for them or are active members.

I personally don't know anyone involved with them, so i don't know.

I bet there are some though that would disagree with you Brother James.

I am not looking for that, people that disagree with you ... but instead ... people that consider them straight-up.

Love You!



They are as valid as any other group organizing openly. Which means they also have been politically compromised. The most legit is the group based in Dallas which is aligned with the Huey P Newton Gun Club. It's the only chapter that remained under the leadership of the original founder after Khalid Muhammad joined. I'm not going further into this. There is a lot more and people need to study up before commenting.


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