Black Spirituality Religion : BL. WOMEN & RELIGIOUS CONSPIRACY introduction

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    Many in the world today have asked me the question as to why I discuss religion to the degree that I do? They have equally asked me why is it a topic that I see as being important? One could reason within themselves that the subject of religion is a personal and individual choice.

    This sounds very good for the average person, but the truth of the matter is that "POLITICS AND RELIGION" are the two "WORLD POWERS THAT GOVERN THE EARTH" and the people on it. What this essentially means is that as a world power with SO MUCH CONTROL, INFLUENCE AND POWER, it must always and "IN ALL WAYS" be looked at and investigated for corruption by men both past and must be examined for the laws and principles that go against the universal existence of life and the balance in it.

    All that most of us believe to be true that we take as an "individual choice" is not actually an "individual choice". We have all been influenced by "SO CALLED RELIGIOUS BOOKS" that were written long before any of us were born. Someone decided "what we should and should not read". Someone decided "what we should and should not know". This in essence means that "someone decided what we should and should not think, and in CONTROLLING OUR THOUGHT PROCESS, OUR ACTIONS ALSO BECAME CONTROLLED".

    Now this may not be a big deal to many who may be now reading this, but if it is true that "ALL PEOPLE WERE CREATED WITH FREE WILL", then common sense says to me that "someone has interfered and been in control of my FREE WILL" by deciding what I should and should not read, know, think or reason out for myself.

    The only logical way that I can make an individual or personal religious or spiritual choice is by allowing me to read what they read, to know what they knew, and to then decide for myself in the court of law of life, what is real and what is not. I must know what's being hidden and why. I must know who it affects and as such, have I been INFECTED AND CONTROLLED BY IT ALSO WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE BEEN TO MY BENEFIT AS A PERSON.

    Does it affect how I see and treat myself, my family, my sisters, my brothers, and other people? Does it affect how and where I spend my money and my time? Does it affect the decisions I make concerning my diet and my wife or woman? Does it affect my own spiritual potential to be the best or manifest the best that I can be or do?

    As such, I am about to begin my Threads on the Black Woman & Religious Conspiracy. For those that are quick to say that there wasn't one, I'm willing to bet that 9 times out of 10 that you see the Creator as Masculine...Our Heavenly Father.

    The initial problem with this thread and in the minds of many, be they men or women, is that there's a so called erroneous assumption that "THIS IS A MAN'S WORLD". The other erroneous assumption is that this is the way it's supposed to be...but nothing could be further from the truth.

    The sad reality concerning this thread is that RELIGION HAD SO MUCH TO DO WITH THIS TAKING PLACE...AS WELL AS WITH THE RISE OF EUROPEAN DOMINATION. By the time this thread is over, many a mans' ego will be shattered, not because it is my intent, but because of the facts that will be surfaced.

    We exist in a MALE DOMINATED SOCIETY WITH A MALE DOMINATED RELIGION, WITH A MALE DEITY, PRINCIPLE OR GOD FOR OUR WORSHIP. Was it always like this? If not, when and why did it change? Is there history and religious books that support what I'm saying? What has been the mental, spiritual, social and personal affect of all this on the individual and the world in large?

    1/27/05 will begin part one of a 15 part series as the black woman and religious conspiracy is uncovered.

    Keita Kenyatta
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    Thank you brotha Keita, Looking forward to learning from the discourse
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    Brother Keita, your reflection of the whole scenerio is very deep! Some say that all religions was created to support politics, straight out of the whore, Babylon. Religion has infected the minds of many of us. This I know and not believe. All one has to do is look at the murders and the fear that was injected to make everyone adhere to religions .

    It is no doubt a system that has influenced everything we think and do. As I struggle to excercise my free will, everything that was taught to me personally about the Creator leads me back to some form of religious teaching. It makes it difficult to separate conciousness/free will, from religion. And if this is not possible, Then how is it determined that we have free will when we, whom chooses to follow the teachings of such religions are only acting out from what it says we must do.

    Some believe that mans purpose on earth is to experience every aspect of life for the creator. Although the Creator knows everything there is to know, this devine entity has not experienced that of which it knows.

    Surly evil is real and goodness is real. It's also said that those who chooses to do evil is the ones who rebels the Creators purpose for man.

    As for the creator being feminine, I always address the magnificent one as a male entity. This is also influenced by religions. But most of us do agree that the creator is not a man or woman, But a entity of feminine and masculine energies. But somehow many still associate the Creator as a superior male enity

    Well anyway, drop your knowledge here Brother. You know I will be in your threads reading what you have to say about it all. You can only present what you have come to know, those who choose to look into it will and those who settle to just except religions won't. The main thing is that you put the information out, thats all you can do! Don't get discourage if I, or someone else challenges or questions your concepts. It is alot to grasp. Exspecially when we was taught to believe in a religion that has been past down for centuries. Atleast, it might inspire one to look deeper into the history of it all. who knows what they may find out!

    Much love to you Brother!