Black Short Stories : Bitter Sweet Love II

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    Jeannette’s appetite was gone, she could think of nothing else but that fine hunk of a man she had bumped into nearly two weeks ago. How could the world be so small? It had all started off perfectly, like most other things in life… a beautiful story only to end in confusion, anger, and complete mixture of emotions.
    The Cairo sun was burning it’s heat into the sand and the city bustled with activity. Jeannie rushed to catch the morning bus because her car was in the shop that day. She knew better than to complain though because her precious Nissan had carried her through two tough years. Out of breath and already transpiring, she hopped onto the rickety bus. She looked around for a free spot to sit but it was no use. That’s when their eyes met. He was tall, caramel, and sublime in his white linen shirt. His beautiful hair glistened neatly in the sunrays and his teeth gleamed so bright that Jeannie began to giggle uncontrollably. She looked down at herself shyly wanting to shrink a hole in the bus so she could be run over by it. She had not made any effort to look cute. Today didn’t start off well. She was late for class, her car was in the shop yet again, her rent was due in about two days and she didn’t know if the skies were suddenly going to birth some money to cater for that. Her grades were really good but it was coming to the end of the semester and she didn’t know how much longer she would shed off the other stress of life to concentrate on her priorities.
    “Would you like to sit down?” A deep voice boomed from the rear of the bus
    Jeannie turned around to look and there he was, still smiling that shiny smile. “Oh no, it’s okay, I can manage. I’m getting off soon anyway.” She replied proudly.
    “Suit yourself, you looked out of breath is all” he chuckled.
    She stomped off to the front of the bus and held onto a pole for the rest of the journey.
    Ten minutes later, they were at the main entrance to the American University of Cairo. Jeannie hurried off the bus and walked quickly into the crowds. A strong manly arm stopped her in her tracks, “may I know your name?”, and the rest that followed was history so to speak.
    He slowly ran his warm tongue along the nape of her neck, causing goose bumps to envelop her body. He hugged her securely as he whispered sweet murmurs into her ear. Her knees felt week. He was so delicate with his moth but his hands and had a firm command of her entire body. She tilted her head back as he continued to kiss her inch-by-inch. His hand reached into her top and grabbed her breast. Her nipples were hard now. She couldn’t take it anymore. He knew her body so well. She even began to think that he was the only one made to touch her this way. A soft moan escaped from her lips as he kissed her ear. She leaned forward trying to get away from all this pleasure, but he held her down and they made love like neither one of them ever had. It happened as unexpectedly as they had met. Nothing seemed to be going right. Wet from sweet lovemaking, Jeannie’s heart turned bitter for an instant. She was ashamed. She didn’t know what to do. How could something so wrong feel so right? It had been five long minutes since he pulled himself out of her and yet she was still trembling from the force of her ecstasy. He brushed strands of hair away from her face and looked into her eyes. “I will never regret what we have,” he said huskily.
    Tears welled up in her calf like eyes and she turned away grabbing her shirt. He watched her as she clothed herself and everything in him wanted to take her in his arms and hold her for as long as he could but he was helpless. She grabbed her purse and walked out of the cold lab room. Beads of sweat trickled down her thighs as she shuffled her way through the hall. Jamil was left in a state of bliss and sorrow all at once.
    “Hey girl, you are glowing! Is biology really that interesting?” Des teased her best friend.
    “Nah girl, I’m a little tired, I won’t make it to our last class. I’ll meet you back at the apartment,” Jeannie answered, avoiding her friend’s interrogative look.
    “Alright chica, whatever you say… I wish I could skip a class or two but I can’t afford to. Gitarama is not that pleasant without some money in my pocket,” Des laughed.
    “I hear you! See you later.” Jeannie replied.
    How was she going to break the news to Des? On one hand was a beautiful sister who cared for her so much that she would give her very life for her, and on the other hand, was a spectacular, respectful man that was willing to walk the rest of her life with her. Jeannie put aside the thoughts that plagued her mind and remembered Jamil’s strong hands around her body. She smiled and drove home in the company of India Arie’s The Truth blasting in her old green Nissan.

    Two months later…​

    Jeannie still hadn’t told Des and she continued to see Jamil secretly. Things were getting out of control now. All excuses to avoid Des were fading and Jeannie had to tell her the truth. She hated keeping things away from her only friend. She decided to invite Jamil over for dinner and rectify everything. That would work. They would all bond over the fact that they are strangers in a foreign land and that their love for each other should not be hidden but appreciated despite their respective pasts.
    It was nearing Christmas now and school was almost over. In one more year, both Des and Jeannie would be back in the hills of Gitarama like they’d always dreamed. Jamil would continue on to his masters after a year of travelling the beautiful African continent. Tonight was the night before his departure and he wanted to make it special for Jeannie. He had planned a perfect night of romance and he was going to ask her to promise to wait for him so they could get married when he came back to Cairo. He would confess his undying love for her… the loud ringing of the phone interrupted his thoughts.
    “Hi nshuti, I was just thinking of you” He smiled.
    “Amakuru love, I wanted to see if you were free tonight.” She whispered, “I want you to come over for dinner.”
    “What about Des? Is she spending the night out?” He asked confused.
    “Don’t worry about Des; I need to see you before you set off tomorrow.” Jeannie replied.
    “Okay sweet cakes, I’ll be there, I can never say no to you.” he surrendered.
    “Great! Come by around eight. I am making your favourite.”
    “Hmmmm that’s my baby, no one makes shabwe like you do!” “See you then, love you!”

    Jeannie was panicking. She had thought of everything perfectly in her mind but now that the hours were ticking by, she was getting anxious. She had put all her energy into a meal of green bananas, spicy beef stew, pilau rice, fresh pineapple chicken seasoned with cinnamon, and a delicious tiramisu. She spent hours hunting for the perfect wine. The apartment was glistening, and it smelled of vanilla incense. The orchids she’d bought looked wonderful as a centrepiece and her collection of candles came in handy for a romantic setting.
    “Ooooh nshuti! You have really outdone yourself this time!” Des laughed as she dug her dainty fingers into the chicken casserole. “It’s just me you know, I love you anyhow- you don’t need to prove yourself… You already make a wonderful wife! Hahaha” Jeannie tapped Des on the shoulder accusingly. “Stop it, here, go out there and lay the table” she said handing her three plates and cutlery.
    “Umm, smarty pants, there’s only two of us.” Des insisted…
    *Door bell*
    “Des, will you get that, I have to run up and fix my hair.”
    “what? Who?... What is going on here Jeannie?”
    Jeannette ignored her friend and ran upstairs to slip on her little black dress. She clipped her mane of black hair up in one sweep and sprayed some apple-scented fragrance on her neck and wrists. The doorbell rang again. “Desire Butare, open that door this instant!” Jeannie shouted amidst her lip-gloss application.

    To Be Continued…
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