Black Poetry : Biting

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    Never corrupt to tear or cut with teeth love legit snapples
    But one girl bit and apple greedily, like magazine raffles
    It speedily became food and money it was a juicy Fuji
    Apple from Japan she said yum yum man and her coo-chee
    Was wet also, pump iron saw a chump lion bite his own
    Trainer and unknown brainer lion king of beasts and strong
    At this circus with no phat purpose blinging watching ringling
    And Barnum shook and alarm over the cost started singing
    When this lion took the trainer’s arm off wow I left clinging
    To my nutsack these sluts whack to be in close proximity
    With a lion, exciting some started biting my thumb identity
    A secret, rhymes a spicy blend but icy wind bit my face too
    Cold this year my soul fear freezing doing some really true
    sincere sneezing allergies appear to be freezing my nose yall
    my facts flow while tobacco bites my tongue crew in tall
    handcuff I shouldn’t chew this raunchy stuff it’s time to spit
    I write tales but I bite my nails and at night fails to be legit
    In dream, so I wake up swinging sometimes reading dumb
    Rhymes can leave you with a numb spine needing some rum
    A thug in the club think brief then sink teeth into a pizza
    Start to eat while his heart beat a part of the street mon Lisa
    Wouldn’t cross