Black Poetry : Bishop's Resume


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My name is synonymous with passion and desire
My objective is to consume you with Love’s unquenching fire
My skills are described by the words I yield
Stimulate your mind & body, My flow you will definitely feel.
Educated by he who presides over Love
For my gift comes from the Master above
My qualifications are unique indeed
Make your heart flutter and your will concede
At this time I reside in the House of Light over looking Love’s Sea
For my calling is to be the Knight of your Nights and Master of Extasy
Many witnesses you may ask if its reference you seek
And they shall reveal to you, that I am the one you need.
let me add to this
quite the gentle man
very loving and kind
always holding your hand
through the thick and the thin
you will know
that you have
a dear friend

if you need further references
just give me a call
he's all this and more
Love's Favorite Son




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