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Rejuvenation has taken place
Moved to a new level and phase
Like a phoenix from the fire I rise
Mystifying all with the verbs I scribe
Love on a higher plane
Passion so intense it cannot be explained
Extasy the likes you’ve never known
For in your hearts the seed of love has already been sown
But germination must now occur
Love seeds begin to bud, and your clear vision is now obscured
For you thought you could maintain control
But you never figured on my words taken hold
You try to be strong but instead you get weak
For I am your true King that you seek
Not with mere words of flattery but with evidence I take a stand
I don’t ask, but I simply take your hand
For I claim what is mine, without shirk or doubt
I am simply here to demonstrate to you what real love is about
I am here to sacrifice myself
So that you may have wealth
Both naturally and spiritually
Your desires are my desire, hear the words my heart speak
Lighthouse burning bright
Cuts through the night like a knife
Seeking and searching it is you that I have found
Some and stand with me as we move to higher ground
Making love like never before
Lips are silent yet our eyes beg for more
Entwined in ecstatic fervor
As we engage in this passionate merger
Apex reached
We stand at the peak
Ready to begin again
Passions erratic as Zephyrus winds
Moving in time
Scribing in rhyme
All other thoughts are left behind
For I am in you and you in me
And may Heaven help the world to stand against the passion that has been unleashed.


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