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Sep 3, 2011
momma always told'u bout the birds and the bees​
she didn't have to tell you that those bees sting​
lured by the honey smh, what's the word?....Naïve​
you danced to the song til the end of the fight​
til you finally heard the bells ring​
fled his cave​
in the heat of the night​
in your rage​
you act like he had you in a cage​
but it was you who drank his potion​
and the seal was made​
you put the spell on ya'self​
you cant blame nobody else​
you let him entice you with the honey he had​
you didn't end up with a broken jaw like Renee​
in time you got away​
so you should be glad​
sweet deeds and sweet words​
she prefers...​
to be treated like a queen​
and you were like her king​
she made you feel secure​
her mesmerizing voice​
sweet as her nectar​
all she had to do was ask​
and you'd be right thuur​
you cant call her a gold digger​
its more like she works in the mines​
cause she's digging in your pockets left and right​
and if you say no​
you know she's goin' on strike
all the time she had you thinking you were the only one​
but she plays with men like toys​
gets bored...​
and looks for another one​
she knows what makes you tick and all the tricks​
she smart as a whip when it comes to triflin' shydd​
walkin out the court room​
all you can say is​
I hate that bych​
she even had a sense of humor​
she made you laugh​
like that it was over it happened so fast​
he left your mind shattered​
in the streets like that broken glass​
a reckless mess​
no one wants to clean up​
but you​
:thinking: if you can give a phuq​
see a friend once told me​
n even I said it before​
"I didn't know it was gonna be like this"​
...if you reflect​
you know what the truth is...​
it was right in front of you​
but you didn't take notice​
what you see is what you get​
if you​
Put Things In Focus​


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Aug 20, 2010
seeing means so many thangs like you being the center of my mind right now. Love your Write. Cleverly Concocked Creation of a Sister you do BE!


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Mar 21, 2001
great creation of flow loving this piece

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