Brother AACOOLDRE : Bill Maher's use of the N-word

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    Dear Bill Maher:

    Now that all the dust cleared on the recent controversies on the use of the N-word, let me assure you that your Ghetto pass hasn’t been revoked or rescinded.

    I the Minister of Information

    of the United States of America

    Hereby request all whom it may concern to permit Mr. Maher

    of Cali named herein to pass in any ghetto, house party or set

    without delay or hindrances and in case of need to

    give all lawful mutual assistance, aid and protection

    Still standing in full effect

    Now that we have gotten all those formalities straighten out, lets get down to business with this little pamphlet to teach on the N-word and all other related matters. We aren’t out here to crucify anybody but will turn this minor tragedy into a teaching moment.

    I wanted to try to lay something heavy on Ben Carson when he got caught slipping on thinking that captured slaves were immigrants. I wanted to send him my book Slavery: The Pursuit of Happiness then have him pass it on to Trump who thinks old Fred Douglass was still alive. Then I paused and changed my mind because I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers and become extinct without a nest like the do do birds; so I took a sedative and chilled.

    Everybody in the Ghetto who can read and write look up to Malcolm X (aka Detroit Red) so we take heed to his post NOI affiliation as gospels. Ben being from Detroit might/should take heed. Mr. X was at the University of Ghana in 1964: “We went in slave ships, we went in chains like a horse, or a cow, or a chicken. We weren't immigrants to America, we were cargo for purposes of a system that was bent upon making a profit. You were brought here by the people who came here on the Mayflower, you were brought here by the so-called Pilgrims, or founding fathers" I hope Carson doesn't think I was to "Cap" on him as he calls it in his little book Gifted Hands. This isn't capping/playing the dozens but an attempt at dialogue. Then he made another blunder about the purpose of the pyramids but I will leave that alone.

    I said all of that to set up our foundation of the House/Field ***** metaphor Malcolm X used in his lectures. I will cite it for you and then move on to some more relevant topics.


    "Back during slavery, when people like me talked to the slaves, they didn't kill them, they sent some old house Negro along behind him to undo what he said. You have to read history of slavery to understand this.

    There were two kinds of Negroes. There was that old house Negro and the field Negro. And the house Negro always looked out for his master. When the field Negroes got too much out of line, he held them back in check. He put them on the plantation...he lived right up next to his master-in the attic or basement. He ate the same food as his master and wore the same clothes...but then you had some field Negroes, who lived in huts, had nothing to lose. They wore the worst kind of clothes. They ate the worst food. And they caught hell. They felt the sting of the lash...

    I'am a field Negro. If I can't live in the house as a human being, I'm praying for a wind to come along. if the master wont treat me right and he's sick, I'll call the doctor to go in the other direction. but if all of us are going to live as human beings, then I'm for a society of human beings that can practice brotherhood".

    Well that was Malcolm X in full effect. Today in 2017 we have no Brotherhood we just have the Hood vs the rich suburbs. We have to live with bed bugs and rats until we can find a way to move up out of the Ghetto. Carson is director of Housing and maybe he can help some of us poor folks do a George Jefferson pimp walk out of the Ghetto to a deluxe apartment high up in the sky. I wish, its a dream. I didn't mean to go off on a tangent. The above quote on Malcolm X lays out the mistake you made by associating yourself with the house Negro. The field Negroes were the liberation fighters who had nothing to loose. But you cool people so we have forgiven you because we know what you are like and all the big booty girls from the Ghetto you like to kick it with. Now listen if you would have married that black chick you allegedly took a pledge too back in the day maybe all that media hype would have faded and never burnt like sulfur fire on top of your head. that Chick took you to court too but lost. Now, I could never imagine in the world to ever see Bill Maher on bended knee asking a honey to jump the broom with you.

    I was a sub in the Michigan Public fool system for almost seven years and i did get tired of hearing the students use the N-word in every sentence they spoke. The N-word was a Noun, verb and adjective. The funny thing about is that I never heard of anybody taking any retribution on them for saying it. I just can't believe how they jumped on your case like some spoiled Chitlings stinking up the house. The corporate media is very selective on who they shine the light upon. They say there are only 8 corporations that own 90% of the media. That runs with 8 people who make more money than half of the 7 billion on this planet. The media complains about Trump. but they bestowed and transferred 1 billion dollars worth of free publicity for him. They got the people bamboozled to their true intentions. Now you know me I'm a big advocate of free speech and I love the arts. God ****, without comedy many people would have put themselves in the morgue. People can't take a joke no more or constructive criticism. As for me I will keep afloat with my critiques until the wheels fall off or I puncture the tires my **** self. They dont want to tangle or do the Tango with me because they already know that I do not play-not even with myself.

    I know what happened when you slipped and said the N-word. You got too comfortable and relaxed and thought you were at the crib playing some spades or something and decided to hit yourself up with a zinger. People miss the point that you were referring to yourself as the N-word and not nobody else. This temporary slip in the cognitive comedian brain was due to all the Love motion #9 those Ghetto hoochie chicks were slipping in your joints and drinks. Just like us with our Barbershop talk has to be translated and configured when we leave the scene. Some take longer to decompress and slip up outside the safe zone of the barbershop, basement or the Bar when we be brewing it up.

    But you have stay on your toes and remember at all times, unless you gonna paint your face black, that you still white. There are some zones you can't enter like there are some zones we can't. You see the black man is in a quest and struggle to prove to himself and others that he's somebody. We are just trying to rise up and help ourselves and help other people and avoid getting cremated into nothingness. We want a grave with a tombstone to say that we were here and were somebody. Slavery was unique to us in the wilderness of North America making us the most talented in music and film in the world. You still have that old school 90's rap mixed CD I sent to you (The men of Rap), is a testament to the fact after 400 years of trying to drive us into nothing we still rose to be somebody. Not a ***** or a Sambo but something great. When we unite with our mate and they put the Black power fist up under us an explosive volcanic eruption can be seen miles away. The late Dr. Francis Cress Welsing talked about in her book The Isis Papers. If we were nobody this volcanic eruption wouldn't of made the CIA and the FBI an enemy to the Blackman and his community. And so with that please enjoy the poems and essays below in this short little pamphlet. I holler.


    I mentioned you in my short story Reparation 101 for Dummies so I will include that story in this pamphlet.

    Andre Austin