Black People : Bill Cosby Said He Gave Quaaludes to Women: Court Documents

Well, GOOD THING YOU ARE NOT A LAWYER, POLICE OFFICER, OR JUDGE, because those people agree with me. Rape is a crime, not a change of mind.

I never said rape IS NOT a crime.

(my 15 yr old grandson was visiting, from out of town, for 3 weeks. Hanging out with him left me to tired to respond. He went home yesterday.) Ive been sleeping most of the day. Looking forward to seeing him next year with a drivers permit.

I never said rape is a change of mind.
So lets say a single man and women, who are both party goers, get together one night and get high and they nod off. Then the woman decides to surprise the man by giving him oral sex while he's sleep, and he wakes up but doesn't stop her. Has the man been sexually assaulted? By the definition given here, the answer would be yes. Is he a victim? Him being a grown man, I don't think so. He would probably feel more like he scored instead, or she scored for him. But if he felt she didn't do it all that good, he may tell his buddies it wasn't all that good. Sounds familiar? What if the female was Halle Berry, and the man decided to press charges years later? She already got sued for child support by some White man, so maybe she's not a good example. Or maybe she is. A good example of racism that is. Now that White man of hers get's to spend all her money on his White girls.

Back to Bill, I honestly don't think any of those women were knocked out while Cosby had sex with them. And I don't think it's likely they stayed sleep the whole time Cosby supposedly undressed them, then only remembered the sex. It ain't like they were on propofol. If they were out, they probably woke up with him making his move. That's were the consent falls in. If they stayed and let him go all the way, that's not rape. I mean, I don't know any man that ever asked a woman for sex, and she said yes, unless he was buying it. Most of the time on a date, if a man makes his move too early, the female will let him know, and I don't care how high they are. She don't even have to say no. All she has to do is resist a little, and that will hurt most men's egos, unless he's a real genuine rapist. That doesn't fit Cosby.

I think the real Bill Cosby is Cliff Huxtable, minus the infidelity, and a bad day here and there...being human. The Cosby Show was actually based on his family, so his Cliff character couldn't be but so much off the mark. He never was a real good actor. He is more of a comedian. He seems to have that personality that doesn't change very much, even off the stage. I wouldn't be surprised if he was telling jello pudding jokes while he was making his move on those women. Ok, I know that's stretching it, but he's no rapist.

I think all this talk about Bill Cosby taking an advantage of star struck females is ludicrous. So he's supposed to turn down opportunities because he's Bill Cosby? And how about those certain sisters back in the day who wouldn't go out with a brother unless he had an expensive ride. So every brother who could afford to buy an expensive ride, and bought one to get these car struck women, took an advantage of them to increase his opportunity for dates? People need to learn how to accept some responsibility, the way they did in the past.

No, he wasn't raped @ Then the woman decides to surprise the man by giving him oral sex while he's sleep, and he wakes up but doesn't stop her.

If he had woke up in a state of outraged, pushed her away saying you took advantage of me, I'm going to the police, that would be rape.

Rape against males often involves an older woman taking advantage of a teenager. Like they school teachers who have sex with their students.

Younger than that and she is a pedophile.
I kinda think Cosby is enjoying this attention. Bringing back memories of the women he raped is like raping them all over again. No charges can be brought against him and like most men, some men, he's enjoying other men knowing that the good guy was not really the good guy. He got lots of women. It's cost him a lot. I heard some are asking that his star be removed from the star of fame.


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