Chief Elder Osiris : Bill Cosby, "Poor Blacks Can't Speak English.

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved what I am about to say, is what you expect me to say, knowing that I
    speak not what is expected of Black Folks to say, which really reflect what
    we think.

    Who is this Man, who appear to reflect to be an authority on poor people and
    how we are to speak, which justify Blacks to take the reflection of his (
    Cosby ) thinking and take it to the next step and conclude that Mr.Cosby
    also think he know how poor people should be thinking.

    This I think, would be a little presumptuous of Mr. Cosby, leading us Black
    Folks to think of him of thinking that he has the solution to poor people
    problems in america and that is, by his thinking, lead us to think that
    there is a difference between Black poor people and rich Black people in the
    eyes of white america and in order for the two class of us begin to bridge
    our gap, is for poor Black people to learn to speak as Mr. Cosby speak,
    English and the world of opportunity will fall at the feet of poor people.

    Now I know I am not suppose to speak ill of Mr. Cosby, because he speak
    English and he has a lot of money to show for how he speak.

    Tell me dear beloved, how foolish have we become as we choose to qualify and
    quantify Black Folks in america by the way we talk, as if to suggest that is
    why Blacks Folks of a poor Scio-economic standing is in the condition we are
    in here in america.

    Do one wonder what is Mr.Cosby stand on Reparation ?

    Have we moved to force him to reveal his stand on Reparation, as he take his
    stand on the white man English?

    I know, I know, I can hear some of us now, well there is nothing wrong in
    telling our people by some one of Mr. Cosby statue and Status, how we should
    be speaking, here in america, that is if we want to become as Mr.Cosby, or
    some of us would say,it is just the proper way to speak, without expecting
    anything in return and I ask the question, Why?

    Tell me what will it profit Black poor people to learn the america
    phonetics, will it cause a rise in their Scio- economic status in america by
    doing so or will it cause them to sound more white american or become more

    So tell me my beloved, why is it important for Black people to speak "
    proper English ", as oppose to Black people reviving Justice in our life and
    work to remove ourselves from the English teaching White Masters.

    So tell me, what is the purpose for communicating? Is it not for the purpose
    to be understood and not to be judged to see if we qualify for Justice.

    Why should Black poor people be concerned in being understood by the likes
    of Mr.Cosby and not their peers.

    If I am in a fight for Justice, I want my comrades to be able to understand
    me, more so than a Mr.Cosby, who has evolved to be my enemy, as he proudly
    and some what jokingly, critic my language.

    Here is a statement alleged to Mr. Cosby: "Ladies and gentlemen, the lower
    economic people are not holding up their end in this deal".

    what deal?

    "These people are not parenting".

    "They are buying things for kids- $500 sneakers for what"? "And they won't
    spend $200 for Hooked on phonics".

    So I ask, are poor Black people in some kind of contractual deal for
    justice, with our oppressors and according to what Mr. Cosby is suggesting,
    the deal is if we learn to speak as white folks speaks, our condition as
    poor people will change and we are being punished for not speaking white

    Also what this bold Black rich man is suggesting, is, poor people will begin
    to become parents of acceptable action when they are able to rise above all
    of this Scio - economic propaganda and mind conditioning, about what success
    represent and become involved in learning how to speak English and begin to
    spend less than half than high priced sneakers cost, in order to learn to
    speak like white folks.

    He is suggesting such would be an acceptable exchange for Black poor
    people,because you see, poor Black people do not speak English, not proper
    acceptable English.

    Cosby is alleged to have said, " they ( poor Black People ) are standing on
    the corner and they can not speak English. He is said to have said," I can't
    even talk the way these people talk" what a distinction, by a supposed to be
    role model and he goes on to mimic poor people, "Why you aint where you is",
    tell me is this kind of speaking hard to understand or is it the fact that
    it attack the white English and if we want to be considered for upward
    mobility we must fall in attention with our speaking.

    Mr. Cosby goes on to have said," I blamed the kid until I heard the mother
    talk, then I heard the father talk" and then he plays it off by saying, "
    everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads",
    "you can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth!"

    As if to suggest, the only thing that is holding poor people back is the way
    we speak.

    I am here to tell you my dear beloved, even if we decided to master the
    English language and we can, america conditioned poor people would not
    change and for Mr.Cosby to even suggest that our problem is so simple, make
    him out to be a liar and a dangerous white proper English speaking, Black
    rich man.

    So beloved, are we poor because of how we speak?

    Did our Enslaved Ancestors go through what they did because they spoke not

    Is Black Folks Time and condition in america so different now to the point,
    all we need to do is learn to speak white folks English and the hand of
    Justice will reach down and pull us out of the pit of injustice?

    Is our Time to be spent to please white folks or is it to be used to get
    away from white folks control?

    Is our goal to be to learn English, or should it be to have our Hue - Man
    Rights Restored and to let Justice become our drum major as we demand a just
    pay for a just labor performed by our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Does not Reparation transcend white folks English, in hope for acceptance by
    them, on a limited scale and at their pleasure?

    Reparation / Repatriation, Nation State Status in Afrika supersede the goal
    of becoming a good English speaking ******, in hope for a reward for our
    performance, of the oppressor choosing.

    Wake up Black Woman and Man, it is Time for your liberation and not
    cherishing the thought of speaking in your white master tongue!!!


    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation, Without Compromise!!!

    Only The Devil Is Displeased With This Message And With Me.

    Complete Love To The Carbon Nation.

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement
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    Joke anyone? Since "mistuh Cawby" is such an Expert on Comedy and now the King's English, this one is for the creator of Fat Albert(Dumb Donald?)

    What did the white man say to his wife about Bill Cosby?

    "Now, that ******* is funny and eloquent!"

    HAHAHAhaha..ha.... ... .

    Jokes on you "mistuh Cawby". Hope the Boule gave you a raise for that speech.

    HTP brother Osirus, keep exposing the lie and elevate the Truth.
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    BUSINESS owner
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    betwixt and between
    My Dear Beloved Chief Elder Osiris ... once again, you have said what i thought. Well, i certainly didn't think all that you've shared, but i do now! :) I've not read all of Mr. Cosby's words, only received bits and pieces of it here on the forum, but that little bit is dissapointing. I don't understand how he has so easily separated himself from the rest of us, so much so, that he can look down on any of us.

    My Dear Beloved AUM ... you make a great point ... Fat Albert and the Gang! ... they certainly did not speak "Proper English!" ... How could Mr. Cosby create, perpetuate and make money from, that which he finds so unnacceptable?

    I really need to find the entire article / interview and read it for myself. It is my hope that once i do, i'll come away with a different understanding than i currently have.

    Much Love and Peace Family.


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    I've been told too many times that I act 'white'. And still can't figure out what that means. Does driving a new car, living in a nice home, working in corporate America, having a college education, etc. takes away one's "blackness"?

    Well, going for a job interview acting "ghetto" will not get me a job.

    If I was born and raised in Spain, I would probably be speaking Spanish. Since I was born in the US, I speak English. I speak it the way I was taught. I will not resort to "ebonics". That is NOT my native language. If I want to learn the language of black people, I will go to an African country. This ebonics mess is something separatist blacks are making up.

    I know what I am, a black woman. Nothing will change that. I'm proud of it. But I don't have to "do black" to be black. Also, I don't have to unperm my hair or wear only afroecentric clothing.

    Bill Cosby has a valid point...poor black parents put too much into material things such as expensive sneakers instead of getting some educational books or toys for their children. I've seen welfare kids with expensive sneakers or the mother dressed to the nines while the kid is dressed terribly.

    I feel that some blacks are anti-education. Look at how many times they have poked fun at my kids because they don't speak "ebonics" and they are in college.

    I may not be in agreement with everything that Bill Cosby says, but he has some valid points.
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    By the way you are so vehemently opposed to so called EBONICS, you are obviously out of touch with black people as a whole. What's the difference between me saying: "Hello, how are you doing today?" and "What's Up?" I'll tell you. Black people have a unique way of mentally communicating what's on our mind and in our hearts in as few words as possible. This is something that the EUROPEAN mind cannot entirely comprehend. Ask yourself if you are EUROCENTRIC or AFROCENTRIC. If you are EUROCENTRIC chances are you have been missing out on a LARGE part of what is known as the Black Experience. If I say "Y'all" instead of the drawn out "You all", I'll need you as a Black Woman NOT to look at me as an Ignorant Black Man. That's self hatred. Ignorance is Ignorance, period. While you embrace the KING'S ENGLISH and Shun so-called EBONICS you have separated yourself from a part your melanin-family. You stated: "I don't have to "do black" to be black. Also, I don't have to unperm my hair or wear only afroecentric clothing."

    If you are indeed a Black Woman, how do you NOT "Do Black"??? Aren't you doing Black everytime you wake up, Breathe, cook, etc.? If you are saying that "Doing Black" is speaking Ignorantly then I feel sorry for ya(<--"ebonics" for 'You') You probably CRINGE when you hear a person of english-speaking Caribbean descent speaking in there native Patois, which is a Beautiful, poetic artform, just the same as so called EBONICS here in the U.S. I grew up in Savanna(h), GA; 4th generation of freed slaves. If I were to speak to you as I grew up speaking to my elders and peers, I believe YOU would think I was from a foreign land. As far as your "Afrocentric clothing" remark, I won't honor that with a response except to say go right ahead and spend your hard earned money on EUROCENTRIC clothing from Prada, Gucci, Dooney & Boorke, etc. that you feel best represents you. Perming your hair is DESTRUCTIVE to your health and an unconscious(I hope) attempt to assimilate into EUROCENTRIC beauty standards...Don't take my word for it, read on:

    I pray that your eyes be opened to the truth of your being. No doubt, you have denied some, if not all, of what is in this post. Denial is the first step in embracing the truth, so I'm not worried. No one is saying that you should embrace ignorance and stupidity. Of course, you will not advance in corporate Amerikkka (<--ebonic spelling) if your employers cannot understand you. KNOW THYSELF is what your ancestors want you to realize at this now moment. Until then, "Be Easy"(<--ebonics for "Hey, take care of yourself, okay?" in PROPER :rolleyes: English). ONE (<---once again, ebonics for "Goodbye, have a pleasant day" in PROPER :rolleyes: English)
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    Nice post, Brother Aum. Welcome to the Family.
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    well stated aum...we have witnessed another example of the house n/ field n's our job to banish this mindset...
    one love
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    Hotep Ala Antut / Antuk = Peace Be Unto You

    It Wrong For bill To Make A Statement's Like That In Public Seting . Just Goes To Shows The Ignorance Of Another Negrod With A Little Money . He Always Talking About How He Was Rise Did He Forget That Family Business Stay In The Family And Only Spoken In The Family Seting . Not In The Public, He Would Never Speak Out Against The Caucasian Children Like That In A Public Seting . Because That Would Let Him Know Who He Really Is .
    :flamet: :flamet: :flamet: :flamet:
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    Very good point AUM. Cosby did make the " Fat Albert" cartoon series. He brought that straight out of how he grew up and the kids around him. In that cartoon. He ( Bill ) spoke proper english, yet he exploited the dialect of those he knew and grew up with.

    Blacks learned english from poor speaking southern slave holders. We have improved considerable compared to how and what we were taught. Today if you go to the south. You will find broken english. So what do we call southern white’s language that isn't correct? ( Caucabonics )

    The famous poet. Paul Lawrence Dunbar spoke and wrote in both broken english and proper english. If Americans and Bill Cosby have a real problem with how we speak. That's their problem. Not ours. The point was made, by
    Chief Elder Osiris " Tell me what will it profit Black poor people to learn the America phonetics, will it cause a rise in their Scio- economic status in America by doing so or will it cause them to sound more white American or become more respected? "

    No it won't give us more jobs, more respect or more standing on an economic level. Bill Cosby is trying to distinguish himself, and lower the embarrassment he feels when asked by his counterfeit friends. About the language they hear coming from other blacks and how eloquent he speaks. He has lost something here. He may never recover, whether it makes a difference or not. Bill has fallen in the eyes of many.
    Ebonics - Wikipedia

    " Linguist William Labov carried out and published the first thorough grammatical study of African American Vernacular English in 1965.
    In the late 1960s and early 1970s, his studies of the linguistic features of Black English Vernacular (BEV) were also influential: he argued that BEV should not be stigmatized as substandard but respected as a variety of English with its own grammatical rules, although speakers of BEV should be encouraged to learn standard American English for interactions in society at large. "

    " A linguistics professor at Washington University created the term Ebonics in 1973, then detailed it in his 1975 book, Ebonics: The True Language of Black Folks.
    African-American Vernacular English (AAVE), also called Ebonics. Black English, or Black English Vernacular (BEV) is a dialect of American English. Similar to common Southern US English, the dialect is spoken in many African-American communities in the United States, especially in urban areas. It has its origins in the culture of enslaved Americans and also has roots in England.
    Sociologists, linguists and psychologists generally believe that it is common for oppressed people (as, for example, African slaves in the Americas) to adopt a radically different dialect from their oppressors. This is done to subtly rebel against the oppressor and his culture, and to differentiate themselves, as well as to foster pride among their community. Slaveholders generally considered the changes in speech to be due to inferior intelligence.

    Most speakers of AAVE are bidialectical in that they command Standard American English (SAE) to some degree in addition to AAVE, switching between using SAE forms and AAVE forms depending on social context. "