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I'm sorry to learn that about your eyes, Bro. James. I can understand why losing one's eyesight, especially as an older person after having sight for so many years, would be scary.

Personally, I don't "feel bad" for any sightless person because I've seen how some of them conquer obstacles and learn how to live their lives to the fullest way possible. I work with many people with disabilities, including blind people and they never cease to amaze me. It's not something to pity from my perspective, but to support and admire their resolve and positive attitudes.

As for William Cosby, now that he'll be going to trial, I'll let the jury pass judgment on him. But, I will say this before they do.

As a woman, I have always felt that one of THE MOST despicable things that could happen to a woman is to suffer a rape. Thinking about that happening to any woman hits me right in the core of my being in a violent way. I find it to be very disturbing. Maybe this is a weakness that I have but I own it. I have no compassion for anyone that rapes or sexually assaults people. Rape is not about sex, it's about power and violence. I have worked with women who were "victims" and I can tell you, you can't shower that experience away. It affects people psychologically and emotionally in some horrific ways long after the incident occurs. And for anyone to ruin somenone's life that way, gets no sympathy or empathy from me. You reap what you sow.

I don't care whether the perp is a celebrity, family member, friend or average Joe Smoe, I feel the same way and KNOW I could never or would ever be selected to serve on any jury where an alleged rapist was being tried. I am biased about that to the bone. But again, I own that and am unafraid to admit it.

Some might think, I have personal work to do, and, you may be right.
I stand with and support brother Bill Cosby and I don't give a crap what anyone has to say about it or about him...He will never be a disgrace in my eyes, only the folks who continue to assassinate his character and devalue his legacy as well as his contributions both humanitarian and monetary...Screw them all!!! A bunch of hypocrites and deserters esp. black so called christian folk and those who benefited from his generosity!!! Yeah, I said it!!!

I absolutely agree with you. He hasn't even had a frickin trial, and he's being condemned byway of media. I don't know if he is guilty or not, but I refuse to give into this media crap. They are trying to take down all of the other people who were associated with him on the Cosby show and what not, and cast a bad image on a image that really helped us, African Americans. I don't see them going at the Brady Bunch cast in this way. Man what a bunch of A holes. That man, played a role and was a complete lie. He played a father figure, but was not, at all. What a demise. Then, he went on to be case in many other shows later as being what he really was, but the thing is, HE GOT HIS RICHES BY PLAYING A FATHER FIGURE that so many people watched and believed was the typical 'American family'.

Oh, but here, they go at Bill Cosby like this. smh. They are shooting arrows at Felicia Rashad and etc. I will wait to see what happens in the trial, if he is allowed to have one before they completely assassinate him. I won't even go as far as to say, 'if he did do this crime of 'forced date rape' then he should be held accountable'--that's a given obvious. Wait until the trial. That's what I believe. But then, I'm a victim of this system too, and that is what bothers me the most when I hear issues like this.
i have the same condition. it's scary. i feel bad for anyone to lose their sight.
I am sorry to know you are suffering from the same eye condition. No one would ever detect it. I say that because you have such upbeat and in-depth comments. You don't let your personal trials overwhelm you. Good for you! I admire your inner strength and perseverance.


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