Black People : Bill Cosby: can't prove Zimmerman is a racist

Agreed. But I give those who have fought the battles a little more leeway. Even if they have become the old guy who scares kids off their lawns today. lol


Yeah, and I'm kool with this because many of us do. I guess for me I'm looking at Zim's actions and words; so it's clear to me about him.
Back in his civil rights days (you kno you wuz right;)) He would, and did label these actions racist.

But I do get where you are coming from and agree with you on that point.;)

Bryant and Milam were acquitted by an all white jury, like George Zimmerman, after a short pro forma trial! They then confessed to a free lance reporter, who sold the story to Look magazine for $10,000.00! :mad: The Feds didn't bother to try them in federal court. :mad: It will be very interesting to see if the Feds will try GZ in federal court! What say you?

After reading this, I would suggest that we not hold our breath!

Zimmerman prosecution: Justice or Travesty
:11100: more and more folk are becoming aware of what cosby is…...

Yes, we are. Even giving him props for his financial contributions to Spellman ($20 million) and other educational institutions, the fact that BILL COSBY WAS NEVER ACTIVE DURING THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT is showing in his old age. Had he marched with Dr. King (like Harry Belafonte and others) or did a sit-down, protest, ANYTHING during the Civil Rights Movement, he would NEVER have said "you can't prove Zimmerman was a racist." Not when the evidence is staring him in the face and Zimmerman's words in his ears. But then, he never put his life and future on the line.....
cosby wasn't always so bad. he has devolved.
every time a black gets rich they go over to the other side.
most any of us who 'make it' is co opted. we have to find a way to stop this.

as long as our 'talented tenth' is turned against us we will never advance.


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