Black Poetry : BIKE CLASSIC 29 APRIL THRU 1 MAY 2011

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    Invoked rules that brought on debaters and now I see haters
    Make plain decision that effect main divisions throw sticks
    At whackness and met a slick actress wanna marry for kicks
    Creative at a party like a legislative body sick with politics
    In a debate quick will date a chick eat cake watch porn flicks
    Catch static and crap when doing dramatic raps I’ve had it
    With the claps now penecilin is filling veins as a sex fanatic
    A seller of wisdom in a stellar system known as education
    With devastation thru textbooks complex looks at confederations
    Have trouble with power and like double flowers they bloom
    In doom have no room for mistakes for surely they’ll be my doom
    My plan prevail solid like handrails and hydraulics keep my bike tuned
    Write strong scripts and they go on long trips like my Harley Superglide
    Straddle the seat CD rattle a beat feet reach the ground as I teach around
    And on the beach crowned as best rapper test my chapter and be hounded
    By defeat, look I chase cake and my baseplate solid like engine cases
    My facts blessed as I connect a backrest to my sissy bar, girl’s laces
    Are a twisty bizarre at the KNUCKLE HEAD trip on a girl with red lips
    Have to derive a conclusion from facts which is a dumb act that flips
    My mind want her to strip and be mine I want wine and chocolate chips
    Girl sweet with finesse took a deep breath a unique test hooked like paper clips
    Looked at her thighs they took me by surprise so nice and sweaty looking
    My body already cooking taken by her hips it was making me trip booking
    A flight for a overnight affair dang nice pair of legs “look boo I’m a troop
    And winer but want soup for dinner may have to stoop to enter your group
    Of juicy worlds baby girly you twirl my brain around you a dame renown dressed
    In leather, boo your hot crops make me feel like a gardener misled impressed
    Wanna be your partner in bed, suck tits you can’t duck it go ahead and give
    Me a little bit but I wanna fiddle with it first and then have sex at the crib
    Boo my body going loco with heat no solo seat on my bike it’s a touring seat
    Insuring you a sweet ride because you a ride or died chick like EVE of the elite
    LOXS and your feet got passenger pegs have pride as a lover dome devasted plus
    My side cover is chrome plated, G-funk era eating spinach being strong is a must
    Can’t front stuff on my bike is mirror finish become clearer when I diminish others
    In races, Harley Brothers in dust and wind, Twilight Zones like Scatman Crothers
    Boo this is a true alarm because I got two arms and two magwheels and my dew-
    Rag is real your act bless and I need you on my backrest so we can cruise through
    Fog my bike ‘s voice tower with horsepower romance and wines with vance and hines
    Exhaust pipe got boss hype but the cost was right expensive but intensive onlines
    Girl you attract my heart you body is abstract art lets have snack at the park
    Boo your panties are butterly filtered and I’ve become utterly bewildered this marks
    My passion, wanna receive a hug I believe I’m in love feel a breeze in this club