Black People : BIGUPS^5((((((((DESTEE)))))))))^10PROPS - In Other Words, Thanx Sista

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    The Writing Skills class was a success today because of Destee. Yawl know how the technology can act up sometimes. And it chose my class time to make it impossible for me to get on the mic. I just couldn't. I coule not. It wouldn't work. Well, I don't like to think of anything as my last resort but as plan A and make sure I have a plan B. So I decided to just text the lesson. Fambly do you know Destee didn't miss a bear. She jumped right in, calling herself the teacher's pet. Indeed!! she got on the mic and made sure everybody heard what I typed plus she made sure I heard what the students typed (a double blessing).

    Together we had a wonderful class and I hope to see you guys there next Saturday. If you hated English in school that's okay cuz I don't do it like they did in school.

    It was wonderful working with my sista Destee. Wonderful seeing people learn stuff they can use. Thanks again.