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May 11, 2006

My game the best and must attain success met a dame
in a wig his name is BIGG headed to Miami on a plane
sometime travel on foot keep the gravel shook get with
Kandie babble about books now Kandie speaks very swift
Oh BIGG I need a rose sometime I dispose of my time reading
Sex books they leave my boobs shook, gooves cooked proceeding
Look for a man to ease the itch in my lace my dress up really needing
My breasts sucked I protect my pride dear in a specified atmosphere
Which consists of a kiss and be being naked boys try take it I fear
They will aand my coochee stay filled with loose juice cant fight it
Oh BIGG my panties mad and ignited glad you excited
Beware of dumb quotes as some folks will say you not invited
So baby boy you gonna take care of me with sex therapy my heart
Throbbing quick get some nice advice from Robbin Thicke lets start
But its always fun and I stay under the gun for sex my lips are brown
And my hips are round yeah Kandie Im cumming to MIAMI town
Marching to the party been watching your body and your tits look renown
With you wanna share greater dont care about a hater, its the act
Of deciding your sex facts got me riding on a horse of my choice but back
To the party at hand, gonna take you to my house boo and arouse you
Get you sprung with my wet tongue girl you gonna cum nothing is new
Strange mission we can change position you coud be on top lips red and hot
Boo Im gonna make your bedrock like Fred Flintstone, beds squeaks a lot
So boo you know my routine I want true cream after a few extreme kisses
And the steam swishes you window payne we both relax and reminisces


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Mar 21, 2001
what a night of extreme steam
and bedroom swing of things
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