Black People : Big Pharmaceutical Co. s experimenting on Sisters and Brothers in the Motherland

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    Folks should check out the movie, made from the book by John Le Carre',"The Constant Gardener" much of it is true!!!!

    In the past, so many of these clinical trials, both here and the few that were abroad, were conducted by, very often, academic institutions, medical schools, that conducted these. Increasingly in the last 10 to 15 years, you’ve seen the emergence of this whole new industry, profit-making companies that take the jobs from the pharmaceutical companies, and they say, "We will set up a clinical trial for you in India or China or some place in Africa or Kazakhstan, a rural area of Romania. We will find the people. We will find the doctor who will conduct these tests. We will pay them. You pay us in return." Then they render those results back to the pharmaceutical company. Now, we did not find immediate, direct evidence of this, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist here to figure out that if you’re in the privatization business, you’re in the clinical trials business, you certainly want to deliver as favorable results as possible to the company, based on those trials you’ve conducted, or else, I suspect, you’re not going to get any new jobs in those places in the future. So, the whole emergence of this has put the profit motive into this segment of healthcare and medicine, and it’s really not healthy, because what you really need is an issue of science here, not people—not hedge funds, not private investors—trying to make a buck on this process.

    AMY GOODMAN: I just want to—a quick correction. I think you said "Arizona" when you meant to say "Argentina," the testing of Synflorix.

    JAMES STEELE: Argentina. Thank you very much. You’re absolutely right.

    AMY GOODMAN: But finally, we’re going to be going on to Sid Wolfe of Health Research Group, who also has just released a report today. But the remarkable figure that you have that—what is the number of—in 2008, the FDA visited only 45 of 6,485 locations where foreign drug trials were being conducted? Forty-five of close to 6,500.

    JAMES STEELE: Seven-tenths of one percent of the total foreign trials. I mean, this—so even if there were the regulations, even the little bit they do doesn’t go very far. And, of course, this is going to become a greater and greater problem, because we don’t fund government in any of its phases in this country, in many cases. And they have not funded the FDA in this particular area.

    The other thing involved here is when these—in foreign trials and in foreign manufacturing of drugs, the U.S. inspectors need to get the approval of these foreign governments when they go into these places. And you can imagine what happens there. If somebody is tipped off, if you know somebody is coming, what kind of a normal inspection do you get there? So—and Joe Stephens mentioned this earlier—the U.S. is losing control of this process, and in many cases, there’s not a whole lot they can do on this.
    But at the bare minimum, they at least need to have a registry, they at least need to know where these are, and they at least need to step up the inspections that they can do. But right now there’s absolutely no will, no recognition of what a severe and really dangerous problem this is.
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