Black Poetry : Big Mac Attack

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    You think hip hop is a bad *** sound
    Well, I’m going to take it to the ground
    You’ve heard the latest and you’ve heard the rest
    Now you’re going to listen to the best
    There is a side of hip hop that you don’t know
    And I’m here to put on the show
    They say Eminem is the first white
    To break the barrier of the black delight

    He came in with his words so fine
    That it has carried on down the line
    Now that rap is not controlled
    It will reach every ones soul
    They say rap is the way to go
    You can do it fast or you can do it slow
    You’ve just got to get in the know
    Searching in your latest text
    Getting caught up in the mix
    Seeking to have my name up in lights
    Cant ever give up on the fight

    Suckers want to end me watch me in my misery
    yet you got to know your history bump in the hour its the hour of power
    watch as the economy arms me with harmony nothing phony
    scarmble in your blue jeans cause you got to hit the streets
    bursting out flames for the best going to put you to the test
    as we try to rationalize all those polticians false lies its best to come to a compromise
    Rap in my big mac attack now learn how to act.