Black Astrology : Big Bang, or Creation. How did we get here?


Dec 20, 2004
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I took the wrong tone with this,my apologies. I'm trying to show the commonality in most of our views. You have great knowledge on this as well as others, but it won't come out if we're haggling over small things. I would love to hear your perspective on this in regards to the books/scriptures you read,as I said earlier. And you are correct,people shouldn't take everything personal.

Peace! brutha!!

Not a problem brother....

Just a quick question, have you ever seen 'Time'?

In order for us to properly determine what is going on in the universe, we must first be able to understand what is going on within us. So your question 'how did we get here' is a great one and imho, the above question may be able to get us a tiny step closer to what we are so eagerly trying to reach...if not a step closer, maybe it will serve to at least knock down a wall or two that appears to be standing in the way of free thought!

In the scriptures it is said that 'god' decided to 'create' on the first 6 days. As the scriptures read 'he' did these thinks by THINKING them into EXISTANCE, as i was asked to do not long ago. So what THEY call the 'big bang' I simply call THOUGHT which is why i also said that our science was stolen and given back to us in a diluted form. Someone asked 'what existed before the big bang and i said THOUGHT/VIBRATION, but was scoffed at. Ok, i moved on! So here we are again. The same way we send out vibrations, so does the universe. We don't understand this because we are not operating at our full potential imho due to the kinds of foods we eat. The universe does not have that problem, so we have lost that connection our ancestors once had with it imho. It is further confused by our constant use of other people's ideas.

I have stated elsewhere that in order for the A bomb to invented, they had to study the black man and womans physiology. So it is with the study of the u-n-i verse......


Mar 26, 2003
it's ok to look beyond the info in front of you sometimes and use the common sense the Lord has bestowed upon thee....
i've bbeen reading scientific journal for the majority of my adult life...and what i get from them is that they are grasping at i said in my initial post in this thread....but like i also said each there own...i can only give people my thoughts...nothing else...btw...that link is were i got the second equation from so i already knew what they

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