Black People Politics : BIDEN WINS PART 2


There is no rationale for Trump to declare martial law. None. Absolutely none!

One man's infantile rage over losing a free and fair election is no reason for martial law. Only one group tried to usurp the Constitution and the will of the people: Racist Trump supporters.

We have all watched Trump's imperious and juvenile temper tantrums. We did not just arrive at this juncture.

And there is no absolute guarantee that Trump, et al, will spend a night in jail. You're clutching at straws.

First you must build a criminal case and get the accused convicted. Remember, if Trump is pardoned, he will not face any federal crimes.

I doubt very much that a man as well-known as Trump will spend any time in prison for crimes he may be convicted for in New York State.

How could you even come up with that absurd belief that Trump will declare martial law to stay out of prison?
As smart as Eye am Eye am at a loss !

In 2016, 53% of white women voted for the guy who said. I'm rich and famous, thus it's ok to grab them in the crotch. Raw bone a stripper, while your wife is pregnant. Amongst other acts of debauchery. In 2020, 55% of white women and 20% of black men. Can someone explain this phenomenon?



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