Black Spirituality Religion : Bible says that you reap – what you sow in the land.


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May 28, 2005
Bible says that you reap – what you sow in the land

Gita says that God reacts – in the same way of your action.
Bible says that you reap – what you sow in the land.
For your sacrifice of words – through prayers, God will grant you
Good voice and language, - for your sacrifice of feelings, God
Grants you good mind, - for your deep discussions, God grants you
The intensive intelligence, - for your practical sacrifice, God acts
Practically in your case, - for your practical service without any
Aspiration for fruit, God gives you – the unimaginable eternal fruit.

Words, mind and intelligence are – freely given to you by God,
Like drinking water supplied to you – by the municipal authority.
Even a hotel does not charge you – if you drink water in it,
But you are charging God with – practical boons for your
Sacrifice of freely supplied words, mind – and intelligence by God!
You pray with words, you sing songs – and express feelings
In the name of devotion and you – discuss deeply about God.
If you do all these without any – aspiration of fruit in return,
It is good because this theory – leads you shortly into service.

But you are aspiring practical fruit – for sacrificing theory, very bad.
Aspiration of fruit in return – at any stage of spiritual effort spoils
Your entire value in the eyes of God, - if you treat God as your child
And sacrifice work and fruit of work – as in the case of your child
Without any aspiration of fruit in return, – you are a real devotee.
Then, God will give you eternal fruit, - you are in His inner most circle.
It's true. We do reap what we sow, because how can it be anything otherwise and be just, by our own judgments? So, if we allow the seed of faith to be sown in our own hearts, and let their be a reaping of all good things grown in this faith, our KING on High, the Father will be pleased as will the Son of the Father for the sacrifice in the body that He suffered, so that we might have this faith and salvation.

If we sow belief in the hearts of our brothers and sisters, in the works of the Holy Son and His resurrection from the dead back to life eternal, then we can expect to reap many good things of their heart, in the works that they keep of the Son and the fear that they keep in the Father. True love will amount and righteousness will overcome. Blessings! :)


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