Spoken Word : Bi-Racial Hair

Dr. Clarke does an excellent expose on this subject that he addresses as "the bastard child", whereby he states that it is they who have the greatest problem in terms of "where their allegiance lies at" and states that this has been a major problem among us as a people. I'm going to find the video and post it.

I think this is not as much of a problem when you are exposed to a predominantly white society. In such society it becomes obvious to the biracial person that he/she is not white in that society. The person has no choice but to accept, embrace his/her "blackness". I think as you grow and read about African people and their struggle, the person will subconsciously align himself/herself with the underdog.
In a creole society (with its tremendous racial diversity), racism against blacks is actually common. I've known some who refer to blacks as "they" in conversations with me and somehow, I've always felt that "they" also includes me and in my confusion I remained quiet (I was younger). However since I was born I've always known I'm black perhaps because my siblings are lighter skinned than me. Seriously, I think biracials/mixed race are somehow of a wild card. But on whatever side they are, they'll always tend to be more fanatical, Malcolm X for example.


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