Omowale Jabali : Beyond the White Veil and Other Black Matter

Some of the titles of Nut were:
- Coverer of the Sky: Nut was said to be covered in stars touching the different points of her body.
- She Who Protects: Among her jobs was to envelop and protect Ra, the sun god.[7]
- Mistress of All or "She who Bore the Gods": Originally, Nut was said to be laying on top of Geb (Earth) and continually having intercourse. During this time she birthed four children: Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys[8] A fifth child named Arueris is mentioned by Plutarch.[9] He was the Egyptian counterpart to the Greek god Apollo, who was made syncretic with Horus in the Hellenistic era as 'Horus the Elder'.[10] The Ptolemaic temple of Edfu is dedicated to Horus the Elder and there he is called the son of Nut and Geb, brother of Osiris, and eldest son of Geb.[11]
- She Who Holds a Thousand Souls: Because of her role in the re-birthing of Ra every morning and in her son Osiris's resurrection, Nut became a key god in many of the myths about the after-life.[7]

Nuit is the 'protector' of LIFE as we know it on Earth (Geb). As we lose sight of this FACT, we lose this protection. Nuit is the electro-magnetic SHIELD protecting this planet, which we are DESTROYING, and in effect the Sun (Ra, Re) or the ATEN is...


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